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15' foot boat

mud motor

pop-up blind

seating for 3

15 goose decoys

4 mallard decoys

2 throw cushions

fire extinguisher

running lights

life jackets


5 gallon gas can

small bailing bucket

bilge pump




.... and we still have plenty of floor space for shotguns, and carry-ons :D








I gots me some skills ;)

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Didn't see your post until now.

Yes, we always put a few ducks about 20 yards downwind and to one side of the geese.

Late season, we also drop a lone goose about halfway between the others and the ducks.


We position two goose magnets like they're dropping into the pocket from right over the ducks.


Last day we hunted, the wind shifted three times.

I moved at least half the decoys each time.


We whacked 9 over that spread and should've had more, so I think I did the right thing.

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Makes perfect sense for me. We had a lot of geese drop in on our mallard dekes this year. In fact, when I'm sitting on ponds, I don't even bother with goose decoys. Sometimes the geese just don't bother with my little stretch of water and, other times, the ducks are enough for them.


That is just an amazing boat. Going to have to model my future duck boat around that. Are you stitching up the bags yourself? Pretty handy with the sewing machine? I've got some pants that need some patches. :D

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We've got a local guy who's retired from the upholstery business, but he still does favors every now and then.


We'll be working on it in the next couple of weeks.

I'll try to set it up and get a few pics.


it's an Avery pop-up.

We modified the mounts so that it can be taken completely off the boat in about 3 minutes by two men.


Mostly, we hunt in permanent blinds, so we don't use the pop-up that much.

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