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Bought some decoys


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The rigging is just to make it easy to handle them, put them out quickly, and take them back in quickly.


Once you've reached your hunting spot, you untie the large knot that keeps them from tangling, then slip them off the carbineer one by one, tossing them tinto the water.


When you pick up, you hang them back on the carbineer, tie the big knot, and go.


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Originally posted by NateDog:

I've heard G & H are the best. However, I own Flambeaus and haven't had any problems with them. They do the job and you don't feel guilty when you accidently shoot them.

They are good decoys,(I have 15 of them) But like any brand of decoy, they WILL need to be painted befor the next season
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Originally posted by sdkidaho:

Originally posted by tucker301:

Those look like they'd be easy to texas rig.

Once you have them rigged like that, then what? Carry them out and toss them out like that, all hooked to the carbineer, or...


I can see that I have some more studying to do. smile.gif I sent the Texas rig link to a friend who responded:


I used to hunt with a guy down in the grasslands who rigged his decoys very similar to this. I think he hunted with about 3 dozen decoys. He used a bungee strap and would carry 18 per side and just throw them over his shoulder rather than carry a decoy bag. I've always thought that was the easiest way I've seen.

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Ive uses the GHG life sized for two seasons and they dont need paint yet their method of painting is incredably durable but they are expensive. my dekes see the water on average of 35 times a season and i dont have sloted bags. The flambeau dekes are great for the price but a couple of half sunk dekes with the paint rubbed off is a pain. For the the extra headachs of the pain staking task of painting decoys the extra 30 dollars is woth it to me. my .2 cents too. Has anyone used the cabelas gang rig kit? I just got my new GHG bills and was wondering what rigging kit was the least amount of headachs? Thanks

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