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Weekend hunt


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Not that I want to start any comotions or anything but Shane said they got 44 mallards. I see 6 people in the pic plus the guy taking the pic. Thats an average of over 6 birds per person plus there is no state that allows more than 4 mallards and not more than 2 that can be hens out of those 4. So isnt this illegal?

1: more than 4 mallards each and

2: most of those mallards are hens

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44 Mallards

20 Snow geese

7 Canada geese


Legal limits are:


Ducks - 8 per person ( 8x7= 56)

Snow geese 20 per person ( 20x7= 140)

Canada geese 5 per person ( 5x7= 35)

i recall i posted this in another forum did i not tucker??


yes i did...


go look at it that is our limits there are no restrictions up here on certain species....


so dont start again please and thank you...


there was no illegal hunt here



[ 10-02-2006, 08:26 PM: Message edited by: Blake_22 ]

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Utah and most of our neighboring states allow you to take 7 mallards in a 7 bird limit, although only 2 of those can be hens. So i don't know where Maltese got his info from about "no state allows more than 4 mallards"????


Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming i know for a fact allows you to take a full 7 bird limit of mallards.

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I am sure the limits are different everywhere. I know they are quite different here in Wisconsin, so I wont get into details but rather conservative compared to Manitoba. Shoot what you are allowed is the name of the game, and have fun doing it.

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