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Urgent! Which Choke? SBEII & Hevi-Shot


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Hi all!


I finally bought an SBEII, LH 24" for Geese and Turkey.


I want to pattern the gun this weekend and just picked up a few boxes of 3.5" #6, Hevi-Shot.


My chokes say not to use the imp. Mod or Full with Steel. Is Hevi-Shot as hard as steel?


1. Which choke should I use? I was advised to go Mod, or even Imp. Cyl. ???


2. Is there a 'Cadillac' of after market choke tubes that I should consider buying especially for Turkey & Geese (pass shooting)?


Thanks all and I am now also a proud Benelli owner

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Hevi does leave a mess, but as far as reliability.. I have had no problems. It has killed most everything I have thrown it at, usually quite effectively. Most of the problems were with the original manufacturer, not Remington. I think the small price of a few extra passes of the bore cleaner is worth the efficiency of the kill. That stuff really hits hard! Less follow up shots required = less ammo wasted. (IMHO)


As for chokes - follow Tucker's link + Check the NWTF message board for Benelli turkey chokes. Most seem to like the Rhino's or other brands in the .660 to .675 range. Briley makes some quality chokes for pass shooting, I've only used factory stuff.


You should be able to shoot heavi-shot through any choke that is rated for it - including most turkey chokes. Check the manufacturer's web site or call.


I killed 2 turkey's this spring with the same load you posted above thru a Briley XF extended choke. Not the greatest patterns past 35 yards, but it smoked 'em in close.


Good luck and enjoy the new gun! :cool:

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I used a Cabel's HS choke .670 w/ 31/2 #5s in my nova on a nice tom at 30 yds recently. He didn't know what hit.


I intend to pattern some of the premier chokes, but so far I was content w/ what I got from a $29.00 except that it rusted in the threads from rain.


I am very pleased with the hevi shot, not messy and worked more than fine.


This past season I was duck hunting w/ guys that were using HS and I didn't know it at the time, nor did they tell, but I can say they had some reach out and touch. for duck I rather wait for the shot than pay the price.

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