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SBE II trigger


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No, I'm not serious.

Just tired of seeing, "I paid xxx for this gun and it won't xxxx".


Did you try the trigger before you bought the gun?


Benelli shotguns have somewhat heavy triggers, but they are shotguns, not rifles.


I've never had trigger pull throw me off target with a shotgun, but I've been shooting them for 35 years, so maybe I'm just used to them.


Yes, I believe the triggers can be professionally worked and improved to suit your needs.


I'll never have mine done, because I can turkey hunt with it without any complaints.

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No, the Benelli triggers have always been fine for me.


I'm heading towards 100 turks with my Benellis with some, but few misses.


I'm sure some well-insured gunsmiths do trigger jobs. Use the search button here or use the Yellow Pages where you live.


mudhen - CA

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BTW, this is a great way to make friends here;




Other than my rifles, which have all had to have trigger work done, I've never paid much attentiion to shotgun triggers, be it for turks, hogs, deer, or wingshooting.


Maybe I don't know what I am doing :confused:


mudhen - CA

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No. We all returned our guns and bought Mossbergs.

Their triggers are awesome.

I have seen so many Mossbergs choke at three gun matches and at police training courses that I will not trust my life to one. Every Mossberg I have owned has had problems and I have owned 2. But that being said I took my M4 shooting today and loved the gun but HATED the trigger. That is the first thing I am going to get fixed on this. A bad trigger makes good shooting difficult.


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Experience is the best teacher.Feel the triggers of every shotgun you can,and then shoulder them.there will be winners and losers.The crispest trigger may not feel natural on the shoulder,and vice versa.Take price out of the equation,as hard as that may be to do.People use the highest price as the benchmark to judge all others by,and nit pick until they convince themselves that the big$$$ gun is no better than the"Remingberg 1300" that costs less. You get what you pay for.Sometimes you get more.

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