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Broken Browning Silver Hunter...


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Sometimes the grass is not always greener folks...


The bolt handle just snapped while shooting. It appears to me to be made from chocolate covered in tinfoil. I had to cycle the gun the rest of the day with my car keys.


I hear this is a very common problem with the new Winchester SX3 and Silver Hunter.


Browning CS was great. They offered to sell me new bolt handles and they even offered to let me pay the freight.




I like how the gun patterns, but it truly is made of pot metal and plastic.


I wouldn't even bother with a Browning if Benelli could bring the SBE II down to 50/50...


mudhen - CA

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What did Mudhen mean about Benelli and 50/50?


From Tuckers link:


Point of Impact


We are asked on occasion about chokes that do not center the pattern exactly on the aiming point. Most shooters want a shotgun that centers the pattern exactly with the point of aim. Most shotguns are manufactured in theory to do this. The problem arises between theory and fact. It is not unusual to find shotguns that shoot high or low and to the right or left or a combination of these. Shotguns that pattern ½ above and ½ below the point of aim have what is commonly known as a 50/50 pattern. One that shoots ¾ of the pattern over and ¼ under the point of aim has a 75/25 pattern and so on. Certain guns are designed to give patterns other than 50/50. WE WILL ASSUME that you know if your gun was designed to give a pattern other than 50/50.


Some of the common reasons for off center patterns are listed below.


Defective choke tube

Bent barrel

Choke/barrel alignment

Loose barrel

Poor gun fit


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I have a similar problem with my I-12, every second shot the bolt handle flies out of the bolt instead of breaking. (before anyone asks yes i'm sure i'm pushing it all the way in). only Franchi CS is shipping me two handles free to me. The only bad part is the ship from Italy is 45 days out. So much for using it for duck season.

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