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Whats new for the super black eagle in 2004


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Originally posted by dave64:

I've heard there are some changes for 04 but dont know what they are. Can anybody enlighten me?

and when can I expect to see them at my local dealer?


Thanks Dave.


The 2004 New products will make their debut soon... Check back with the web site in a few weeks.

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Come on girl, cant you give us just a hint.My wife was going to buy a SBE for Christmas until I heard that something new was coming out, told her to hold up. Guess I will have to wait till after Christmas. Already own two benelli autos, but not the SBE, they are wonderful one is about 11 years old and it sure is sweet. Thanks in advance drake99


[ 12-04-2003, 10:22 AM: Message edited by: drake99 ]

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I'll just repeat what I've heard:



-Longer choke tubes, Crios like the Sport II, they work very well with Hevishot.

- The barrel will be a Crio barrel, some believe it patterns better.

- Max 4 camo as an option.

- Forcing cone lengthened.

- Backbored barrel.

- Gel recoil pad & gel grips.

- Recoil suppressor installed.


I have heard the new retail cost is $75-$150 more than the 2003 price.


I have also heard that the SBE and SBE II will be sold side by side for several years.


I guessing (just guessing) that Benelli will lower the price of the original SBE to keep it selling, and create a price spread to make the SBE II a premium priced gun.


While I'm sure the II will sell great, I still love my original SBE. It's smooth as glass going into it's 13th season of hard use.


mudhen - CA

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You boys seen this yet?




Hmm... not sure what to make of the stuff in the stock. I can see they used the nova sling mount in the stock (i liked it better than the SBE anyway). The barrel and receiver look the same to me. Now the forearm is really different and the end cap.


I really need to swing one. I like the narrow forearm on the SBE.

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I looked at it once and said:


Ugly and cheap looking trigger gauard.

Ugly and cheap looking forend cap.

Ugly forend.

Nice looking stock.


I looked again and said:

Really, really, really ugly and cheap looking trigger guard.

Ugly and cheap looking forend cap.

Ugly forend.

Nice looking stock. The trigger guard and forend cap look like they came from a completely mis-matched gun


I have a Nova and like its styling, I have an M1 and a SBE, and I love their clean well designed looks, this gun is terrible.

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