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M2 Finger Breaker


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bkirsch... Thanks much for the suggestion to another Benelli owner in Arkansas. I had tried some rubber tubing on my finger without much luck. The gel bandage sounds like a great idea - certainly better than "holding the gun tighter". I've sent an email to Benelli asking if they have a solution, since I have now had several comments from others having the finger problem. I'll post if Benelli has a solution.

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Well "holding the gun tighter" is a solution, it puzzles me that it is slapping your finger, unless you are holding the gun loosely and in that case it would slap your shoulder and slap your finger. If you have the gun tucked into your shoulder and have a good grip on the handle and the front grip, you shouldn't have this problem. Just my .02.

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Could be the size/shape/thickness/length of his hand and/or fingers. Grips and stocks are made to fit a range of shooters at an average size, and to an extent on both sides of average size. If he's past that "range" of shooters, on one end or the other, it can sometimes cause problems.


Could also be his hand positioning.

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I believe all things need to be judged on an individual basis.

I would try different grip/holds to see if you can stop the bite first.

Is there any misfit between the stock/receiver/ trigger guard?


I own a SBE II, 20ga. SS, and an M4 (including the straight field stock) and have never once had my finger get bit by any of them. I have shot hundreds of other guns and thousands of rounds and cannot remember ever getting a sore finger and I also own Brownings,Beretta's,LC Smith and Ithaca Doubles and a few old Wins. Nothing.


Some double trigger SxS's have articulated front triggers but that is to keep the actual trigger finger on the front side from getting ripped.


Are you new to shotgunning? Have you shot many different types of guns? Some people actually relax their hand at the moment of firing allowing the gun to get them with the recoil. I don't know anything about you or your shooting style but many here are willing to try to help. Have someone else shoot your gun and see if they get bit. Do you consider youself small, avg, or large handed? Does the guns stock dimensions fit you properly? It is adjustable. Have you tried any adjustments? Are you a big guy? It may be too short of a LOP. Are you a small guy? It may be too long a LOP.

Most guns are set up for the average shooter size. I consider myself avg size. You may not be.


It simply seems if most of us can shoot pain free ( except for recoil at the shoulder) it may be something you are doing to cause it, or your gun doesn't fit correctly. Keep in mind Benelli's are also lighter than most guns. I would be d@#$ed if I had to buy gel pads or bandaids to go shoot my gun comfortably.


Any other M2 owners having this problem. Lets here from you. If Benelli has a problem here let them know about it.

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  • 12 years later...

Hey All, 

I am having the same issue with my M2 as well.

I have shot a many of shotgun in my 53 years of life and have never got bit like this. 

On the other hand I think that in the heat of shooting duck that i might be loosening  my grip a little and getting bit in the process.

I am still looking for a fix on this due to i have hurt my hand back in 93 and getting bit like this doesn't help at all.

Right now the only potion i have came up with is to learn how to shoot left handed.?

Also will wait to see what Benelli has to say as well.



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I have never had this happen? I’ve never felt the trigger frame hitting my hand under recoil? Are you firmly holding the grip so that the shotgun isn’t moving around under recoil? Are you shouldering the stock correctly to minimize movement during recoil? A lot of people do not shoulder a shotgun properly in my experience. You want the buttpad pulled firmly into the pocket of your shoulder, not on your deltoid. Make sure your sling attachment is not preventing you from shouldering the firearm correctly. Your firing grip should be pulling the weapon firmly in to your shoulder. Your support hand should be pushing forward. 60% pull into the shoulder, 40% push. This acts as a shock absorber when the shotgun fires. Firm up your shoulder when firing, you don’t want your shoulder flopping around when the shot breaks. Lean in to the firearm and check your stance. You do not want the shotgun pushing your center or gravity backwards. When you fire, you should not be changing how hard you’re shouldering the gun, wincing like this will effect your accuracy. Try to remain consistent and not straining to the point that you’re shaking or tiring quickly. Some shotguns accept stippling on plastics easily, this will help you maintain control over the shotgun. Recoil recovery time is drastically improve if you put these pieces together. If you haven’t tried this, give it a try. 

Other things you can do is add a Limbsaver buttpad. It’ll help reduce perceived recoil and speed up your follow up shots.

What kind of stock are you using? Field stock or pistol grip? I imagine the pistol grip stock would be more forgiving and have your hand supporting the firearm better?

Hopefully this doesn’t come across as questioning your skill level. I have to remind myself frequently to do these various steps. An auto loading shotgun is an impressive weapon once you learn how to get behind it. I’m not the fastest by any means, but I can dump 8 rounds in under a second on target. I don’t even notice sight picture disruption really. I’m not the biggest or the strongest by far. I’m like 185 pounds at 6’2. 

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