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The dreaded "CLICK"


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It's been a tough season so far with little or no gobbling. Everything changed this morning. I dropped a shell into the barrel of my SBE and let the bolt slam shut via the release button. I was the first one in on the public land I hunt and setup about 70 yards from the usual roost. Sure enough, double gobbles as scheduled. A few tree calls from the mouth diaphragm and ten minutes later they flew down. The first one walked in, 9"+ beard and low-to-mid 20's for weight. He stopped 30 yards directly in front of my barrel and posed for the "smile -- wait for flash." I never even had to move my bead it was so perfect. Took a breath, squeezed the trigger.....and, well.....the subject title explains the rest! He ran down the ridge as a tear ran down my face.


I don't remember bumping my gun on the way in, but it must have happened. I'm stripping the action down and giving it a good oiling for a go again tomorrow.


This turkey hunting is becoming such an emotional roller coaster. Does the NWTF have a support group for these things or a list of endorsed therapists?

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That's a tough one.

As soon as I get setup, I always give the bolt a visual check and then firmly try to force it forward to make sure it's locked.


Never had a click from my Benelli on a turkey and only a couple otherwise.


Mine got hung up behind a couple blowdowns this morning at 60 yards out. Too close for me to relocate and he was too dumb (or smart?) to go around the obstacles.


Gobbled and strutted just out of sight for an hour and a half.

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I had the same thing happen to me last fall deer hunting with my R1. The deer was 50 feet away from me. I was on a tree stand and the deer had no clue I was there. The deer had stoped and I was scoped in, pull the trigger and, well, you know the rest. If there is a group to help cope with this emotional situation, I am in. I have never been so upset, and still relive the moment and get worked up.

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A visual inspection of the bolt will let you know if it's closed. With a bit of practice, you can see where the extractor sits when the bolt is fully closed. I've always thought it might be neat if Benelli put a little mark where it lines up.


Browning Golds/Silvers/X2/X3 can also ftf with the bolt not fully closed.

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