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best choke for SBE turkey hunting


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Is your SBE a I or II?


In my SBE II:


I like the .660 Rhino for Win XR 5's & 6's.


I like the Primos Jellyhead .660 for Win XR 6's.


My SBE II is not a long distance shooter, which is good, because neither am I. If I can't call the bird inside 40 yards, I'll wait for a better shot.


In my SBE I's, they like the Kicks GT in .660 with Win HV 5's & 6's. Kilt quite a few birds with that combo.



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by long distance (for turkey) I mean 50 yards.

Yeh it's a SBE II - cool thanks - I prob will try the Rhino


My SBE II pattern falls apart between 40 and 50 yards.


At 50, you will hit a few, kill a few, cripple a few, miss a few.


At 50, some birds birds will go down, only to get back up and run away limping and/or with their wings flapping away. Rest assured, you have most likely killed that bird, one way or another :(


Underbored guns, like Benellis, are not known for long distance shots.


Better to look at backbored guns and go with larger sized shot for better energy downrange.


I am buying a BPS 10 gauge soon and plan to test it as a goose gun and maybe 45+ yard turkey gun. I am ordered some Nitro HS #5's in 10 gauge - $149.95 per box of 25 :eek:

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I think you'll like that BPS 10 gauge mud, I was amazed at the range my brother has dropped geese with federal 3-1/2" Ultra Shock T shot. With an IC choke to boot. I've seen birds die at 65 yards with that combo, and that is and underestimate.


But you will not like the recoil, or weight of the gun, unless the newer models have come down on weight. My brothers is an older model, 30" barrel. That thing easily weights 12 lbs. And will knock you on your butt if you don't hold it right.

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I have a Black Gold. This year I killed a turkey at 70 steps. And that is no LIE!!! My brother has a Jelly Head from Primos and he killed one 63 steps this year. Both were shot with Winchester #6's Extended Range. The $35.00 a box for 10 shells!!!

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