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Put a Limb Saver slip-on recoil pad on my Nova


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I will report back with a full analysis on how it performs as well as how this inexpensive Nova stands up to the punishment, neglect and abuse I deal out to a shotgun serving as a caller in a duck club. I always start out taking care of a shotgun early on but as the season continues, I get lazy.


So far, the Browning Auto 5 is rated as a workhouse. The 870 Express and the Browning BPS do not cut the mustard. Neither will the Remington 1187. The Beretta AL 390 is a keeper and a workhorse as well.


The criteria are it must work will all factory loads at all times and it must not rust in an excessive manner.


The Nova is brutal in the recoil department. Maybe this limb saver will provide some relief.

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The criteria are it must work will all factory loads at all times and it must not rust in an excessive manner.


I used mine all last fall, 0 rust, cycled anything I put into it, I had one problem where I ripped a shell in half inside the gun in 15 below weather, ruined a good hunt because I didn't have anything to get out. Shells fault though not the guns. I made sure the gun was dry after every hunt, and cleaned and lubed it ever couple of hunts or if I put more then 50 or so 3-1/2" goose killers.


I think you will be happy with the gun.

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i found the lop to be a little too long on the nova for me. someone had reccomended chopping i piece off the stock but i didnt want to do that. i took off the rubber buttpad and threw on the med/small limbsaver that adds a 1/2" to the lop and im really happy with it now, feels great. some before and after shots





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I agree the Nova and SuperNova are Tanks but no gun is rust proof.:(

I would advise everyone to clean guns that have gotten fully wet, whether it is from miles of walking in the pouring rain or dropping your gun into a stream. This Tip is to keep your weapon in optimal performance.

My SuperNova has sat overnight after a 7 mile hike in the pouring rain before getting cleaned and oiled thoroughly but as stated above they do resist rust very well, but beware to any noobs that they are not rust proof.

I as well look forward to the LimbSaver field report and sorry for being the guy who speaks the truth on rust...No disrespect.


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