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Federal Ammo

Matt D

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Just a F.Y.I. on the Flight control wad. Do not use a ported choke. the wad works best without ports or other wad stripping devices. Fereral's Flight control turkey loads came with that warning. I use thier LE13200 buckshot load(with the flight control wad) at work. It is impressive out of plain 18" I.C. barrels. I plan to buy a box or two of the Black Cloud to use on 45 yard geese. I do believe a plain I.C. choke should work fine.

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the only problems I have had with the federal shell is that it's not sealed up quite as good as the winchester group but that only comes into play when you are duckhunting, also they seem to have thicker brass around the rim of the shell wich is good for your double but not so good for your semi auto as far as a funtional reliability, now thats been my experiance, but there are thousands more on this here thang we call the www.

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3.5" Federal Black Cloud Double-B's did the job this past weekend on early goose!


Lots of good early season reports on Black Cloud steel.


Up to a certain price, I don't really care what shells cost, I care more how they work.


But I'll admit, there is a limit on what I will spend for shells.


I can, but will not, pay $100/25 for Kent Matrix. I have bought some Rem HD for $9/10, but I can only get so much at that price with the rebate. Hevi Steel just went to $36/25, but I might keep shooting that. Kent Fast Steel is up to $12/25 for 2007.


So Federal Black Cloud at $19/25 is fine with me. I'll shoot that + some Federal Ultra Shok for this year.

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The best waterfowl load I have ever used bar none was Remington Hevi Shot which is now Wingmaster HD. The 2-3/4" #6 shells I used outperformed 3-1/2" Magnum steel shoot.


I killed two Green Wing Teal on a pass shot at 25 yards with one 2-3/4" Hevi Shot #6. The stuff performs like lead.


You may say paying that much for a shell is unwise but when you only have to use one shell, the math justifies it in dollars and sense-----pun intended.


Remington is sealed to withstand the moisture as well. I have two year old shells that have been submerged while wading in my safe that I will use for the Teal Opener in Texas.

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