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Benelli Receiver's


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Evening all:


I was wondering if anyone had read any reviews about excessive wear on Benelli receivers as they are made from aluminum.


Are they in fact made of aluminum and has anyone here experienced any issues because of this?


I thought they were steel but perhaps I am mistaken

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My 1991 SBE immediately started to show some minor cosmetic wear where the brass was rubbing against the receiver as the shell was being ejected.


I called Benelli CS and they told me that it would not get any worse.


Sixteen years later and Benelli CS still seems to be correct as the wear never got any worse after that first year.

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All aluminum is an alloy of some sort. The alloying elements give the AL the properties desired by the designer of the particular product aluminum is used in.


I sold metals for 13 years.


And I had several years of high school science and chemistry. ;)


Aluminum (symbol Al in the periodic table) is an element.

All aluminum is all aluminum, with no other elements present.


For the sake of sales and marketing, and just general ease of use, common alloys used in our society are referred to using the general term "aluminum", but they are not pure aluminum. Pure aluminum is relatively weak and has a low tensile strength.


Pure aluminum is highly reflective and is used in optical coatings and the manufacture of mirrors.


Aluminum alloys contain other metals like copper, silicon, zinc, iron, tin, magnesium, etc. to achieve the desired properties.

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You are correct sir! AL would not be worth a tinker's darn on it's own in a structural application but add in some alloying elements and Katie bar the door.


Common alloys are:


3003 H14 for sheet material

6061 T6 for plate bar, rod, structurals, etc.

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Also lets not forget: 7075, 2024, 5005, 5052, 5086, 5083, and even 1100 which is almost pure AL. I use most of this stuff everyday and just glanced at my catalog.


Who knows what particular alloy is used but guarantee its one of these we just mentioned.

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