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SBE II vs M2 Field - Differences ?


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Good morning folks.


I have a question for anyone kind enough to help me please.


I am primarily a Dove shooter here in South Carolina. I have grown up shooting an old Browning A-5 and I am interested in a newer gun, hopefully with a little less recoil than my Dad's old 12 ga A5 (made in the early 1950s).


I own a 12 and 20 ga A5s, and I tried a Beretta 390, but did not like it as much as my A5s.


Now I'm looking into the Benellis, so can some kind soul tell me exactly what the differences are between the SBEII and the M2 Field, other than the max shell size ??


Considering my shooting which is mainly doves and some occasional skeet/trap and less occasional ducks, which model makes the most sense for me, since I shoot almost exclusively 2 3/4 shells ??


Reliability is No1, fit and recoil No2, and ease of maintenance is No3 for me.


Many thanks for all replies, and opinions !!


- John Cain

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I can't really answer your questions John, since I only own the M2, and it is a recent purchase. Depending on where you are in SC, I will extend to you an offer to shoot my M2. I live in the upstate (Clemson).


You stated that your first priority is reliability. I have only put 25 rounds thru mine thus far, but I had no problems at all. The shotgun functioned 100%. I intend to put lots more rounds down range the next time I go over to my friends house to shoot some clay pigeons.


The recoil was not bad, but more than I expected. Perhaps I was thinking it would feel like a 22, since I figured the action and the comfortech stock would work magic. The recoil is very managable.



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I strongly recommend that you shoot a Benelli or two before buying one.


While the recoil is not an issue with the majority of Benelli owners, we've seen more than a few new owners who are astounded by how much they kick.


The guns are lighweight and there's no gas system to vent energy that would otherwise go towards generating recoil.


In addition to the recoil, there's the matter of light loads.

The Benelli's are recoil operated and they rely on recoil energy to function properly.


Benelli has specific recommendations converning all of their 12 ga. guns, yet every year people buy them and ignore the recommendations; then they come here and complain about the gun not cycling.


The Benelli is first and foremost a hunter.


I'm not trying to talk you out of one.

I'm just asking you to make an informed decision on a major investment.

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http://www.benelliusa.com/firearms/m2.tpl pickin between the 2 is just a decision you need to make on what you are going to hunt and your needs. SBEII cost a little more but you have a lot more choices in the other shotgun! SBEII has nowhere near the options as the field gun you wanta compare to a waterfowl gun. Both guns would be nice!! but for a field gun for me i would go with a O/U JHB!
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Hit the local Benelli dealers up in your area and look for a Benelli M1 super90.It is the model that was the hot ticket before the M2.It is EVERY bit as good as the newer guns except that it doesn't have the Cryo bbl/chokes or Comfortech stock,which can be retrofitted at a later date,budget permitting.Many dealers still have M1's new unfired in the box,trying to get rid of them to make room for new inventory.The deals you can get are unreal! Google it,and see if its for you!

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I own both a SBE II and a M2, they are both very reliable guns and simple to clean, the recoil has never been an issue to me. But it is up to the individual and their sensitivity to recoil.


As for differences, other then the shell length they come apart a little different, but the basics are the same.


I too would suggest trying to find one to shoot before buying and might suggest looking at and try shooting the M2 20ga. I think this would be an awesome gun for dove.

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I too would suggest trying to find one to shoot before buying and might suggest looking at and try shooting the M2 20ga. I think this would be an awesome gun for dove.


It is:




I think the M2 and SBE II are two totally different guns. They feel, shoot different, tear down and clean up different, etc. I like both, but the SBE II is the king for me, no doubt...

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I own one of each, I use the SBE almost exclusively for Turkeys, with the right choke and load, it will dispatch a Gobbler at unbelieveable distances,the only down side, I need to shoot a 1 1/8 oz load to function the gun every time,

it might shoot a light target load and it might not.


My M2 is a 20 gauge and it is my pick for Doves and upland

birds, it will shoot any load I can stuff in it and the recoil is

not a factor at all.


If you still have trouble deciding, do what I did and buy a matched set.

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Guys thank you very, very much for the info and the helpful replies !!


Lately I have been shooting a 20 ga A5 Browning, and it is a fantastic Dove gun, so I'll definitely take a look at the M2 20 Ga.


Take care, and many thanks again !!


-- Cain


Stan, I may take you up on shooting that Gun sometime. I live in Lexington, but I get up there on occasion for work or play (football- I'm a Gamecock tho!)...

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