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Law Enforcement M4


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As the title implies, you better either be very patient or a bit lucky to track one down.


I've tried to track one down since February and had one come up for sale (a guy on this board alerted me) for a great price and I missed it by 5 minutes. There are a couple others that I found out there, but they are asking $2300 and up for them.


I've been on three wait lists since then with no luck. The dealers I've spoken with that have gotten them in ran a lead time of about 9-15 months from order placement to fulfillment.


I got sick of waiting and found a smith to cut my M4 18.5" barrel down to entry 14" length. Three weeks after he did one for me he retired.


My suggestion is to call any smith you can and ask them if they are interested in doing the conversion.


I took the M4 entry conversion out shooting skeet this past weekend and it was a clay dusting monster within about 20-25 yards. Get past that and the pattern really opens up. But damn was it awesome to waste 6 clays in the span of about 4 seconds.



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I just sent King Armory an email. Has anyone had experience with thei work? I tried the gunsmith that M4CQB used, but they said their master gunsmith who did this work has retired. Can someone who has had their M4 converted let me know how it is working for them?

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I just sent King Armory an email. Has anyone had experience with thei work?


I happen to be in town on business for a few weeks and am right down the road from KA. I met Joey from KA the other day and dropped off an 870 barrel to have them put the 1212 breacher on it. I should have it back in a few days and can give you some feedback. Based on their past work and customer feedback, they are top notch.

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Got my 870 barrel back from Joey yesterday. Initial inspection of the barrel is very good. The work is very clean and looks stock. KA did a good job of matching up the finish on the 1212BR with the factory barrel finish. I'll probably put a hundred rounds through it tomorrow or in the next few days and be able to comment on it's performance. When I get a moment, I will post images of it.

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How old is that gun?


Everything is new with the exception of the magazine extension which I had from another build. The 870P receiver only has about 100 rounds through it but the stock set and barrel are all new. There are some reflections in the photo of the entire gun off of the park job on the barrel that came from the factory. These may look like dings but they are not, just reflection.

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