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Shot Ithaca Model 37 pumps from 1975 to 1986. Broke the 20 gauge often.


Shot a BPS from 87-89 - broke it many times.


Tried a Beretta A303 in 1989 - never worked despite three trips back to Beretta.


In 1990, I heard about the SBE. I wanted a gun that would not jam 3" shells, so I bought one for $899 thinking at least it should cycle 3" shells.


The rest is history :)


Of course, I do own and shoot many other brands, but Benelli is still my go to brand...

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This is the most active forum of all the mfg. The quality of conversation is high,and there is a sense of community in the Benelli family.Besides guns that go bang everytime(mostly!) there is the cutting edge innovation that this company brings.We may not see eye to eye on everything,but at the end of the day we all have one thing in common,for one reason or another we love these guns! I get a special feeling everytime I look down the barrel.I hope you do too.

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Speaking from a European, well OK, British perspective, I had never owned a pump or auto shotgun prior to purchasing the Benelli.


Generally, for clay or game shooting a double would have been the natural choice but I have a particular need for a reliable pump.


I'd checked out Winchester (1200/1300) and Remington(870) plus Ithaca (37) and several other cheaper models including the very popular Mossberg. However, I had the advantage of approaching the subject from a perspective of never owning (and rarely seeing) a pump or semi. Consequently, a modern innovative design was attractive. Also, I had some experience of owning a Benelli .32 target pistol and shooting an early Benelli 9mm auto - back in the days when we could legally own pistols in the UK. I also shot a Nova whilst in Germany, and was impressed.


Having purchased a Benelli SuperNova, I believe that my choice has been vindicated ... and after all, if one is not confident with the choice of equipment, it is unlikely that one will perform as well as might otherwise be the case.


So, I would contend that it actually matters quite a lot!





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I first bought a Stoeger M2000. I settled actually. After a two seasons it was obvious that this gun was not made for the long run and for the hard use I would bestow. It functioned flawlessly but little things statred going wrong. Then I finally told myself to save up and I did.


I bought the SBE II because of its reliability, versatility and simplicity and have no regrets thus far.

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