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Brand new M4 - UPSET!


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I was about to go run at the track and thought I should deposit the money I have in my safe. I noticed one of my rifles had shifted in the safe so I went to move it. In the way was my brand new, never fired, Benelli M4. I barely touched it and the stock fell off!


Along with the stock came three washers and the clip in the standard stock that you would affix the sling to.


I was like WTF!?!?


In the spring tube there was my pin, that should have been attached to my stock to hold it in place. It had sheared off!


Of coruse this is some defect in the metal, and I am glad it happened now and not when I needed it.


Anyone else ever heard of this happening to anyone?


Off to the track now to run off my anger...

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Stocks thread on. I don't see how it could possibly fall off. It would have to turn clockwise a good 8 turns or so to come off ... Unles it somehow ripped all the threading off. I don't know what pin you are talking about.


Pics are worth 1000 words. And contact benelli CS.


Never heard of this ...

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I guess you never looked at your exploded diagram that came with the shotgun. Turn to page 28 in the Spare Parts List and look at part number 280J.


280J is what keeps the stock from falling off as it attaches to part number 050J on page 18.


The "bolt" that sheared off was number 280J.

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Looks like that whole running off the anger thing didn't quite wortk out :rolleyes:



I'm ashamed of you.

All this time I thought you knew what you were doing.

Now there's absolutley NO ONE in the whole military/tactical bullpen who even remotely knows these weapons. tongue.gif


I guess mudlips and I are going to get us some of them 11 shots and start brushing up on 'em :D

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~Just shakes head @ Diabolus.....step off and calm down a minute! these guys are just messing with you a little bit, together I'm sure they know more about Benelli's than the people that build them~chuckles~Tucker might be an a@$hole but he knows what he is talking about and would spend a month looking for the answer for you if he didnt know what it was off the top of his head~nods~ the only thing tucker doesnt know much about is turkey hunting :D ~gives you all the bird~

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Allow me to make a couple of slight adjustments to an other wise accurate set of observations.


1. "might be an a@$hole"...?

Do you mean to tell me that after all of this hard work, there's still some doubt?

I am deeply hurt. Deeply, deeply hurt ;)


2. "the only thing tucker doesnt know much about is turkey hunting".

I'm just learning that you gotta use the right bait.

I just found out recently that them turkeys LOVE day old road kill.

Heck, just today I seen a whole flock of 'em bunched up around a dead skunk on route 4 tongue.gif

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How am I wrong in anything I said ...


Or are the standard stocks really helf on by some pin setup? They really don't thread on? WTF? Or are you guys just pretending to disagree with me ... I'm tired and not thinking clearl.y


I don't have a standard stock or else I would regulate with pics and insults.


[ 09-17-2006, 12:28 AM: Message edited by: Duggan ]

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Duggan- the standard stock does not have threads at the top like the pistol grip, the standard stock has a pin just below the recoil pad that screws into the spring tube, making this a possibe real bad situation for this fella....but on mine it cant be turned unless you remove the trigger group first?....I cant tell from what he explained but I'd almost bet it broke off in the back of the spring tube or the treads have been stripped

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Oh. That's stupid.


I almost feel like defending my e-honor and saying "how the he11 was I supposed to know that?"


Why wouldn't they just use the same screw on method as the pistol grip?


It would appear to be a far superior method.




[ 09-17-2006, 12:52 AM: Message edited by: Duggan ]

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Okay, I took my standard pistol grip stock apart to see what could have happened here and I still have alot of problems understanding???....I have a M1014 that came with a non-functioning collapsible stock, I later purchased the standard pistol grip stock on the advice of a friend of mine. I have swapped the stocks out since 50 times because the gun seems to handle heavy recoil rounds better with the standard stock, I have been told it works even better for light recoil loads because the part that screws into the rear of the spring tube almost acts like a "mini" buffer like on an AR-15 or something(this I'm not sure of for the fact I never shoot any light recoil loads)...to me I can just handle the recoil of a 3" magnum slug better with the standard pistol grip stock like the old M1 had......BUT anyways the pin is milled down at the rear to accept a lock nut, under that nut is what looks to a flat piece of metal that protrudes twords the top to keep the pin from spinning, under that is about 7 washers, then the sling bracket, and then on the front side is ont thicker washer that sits in a moulded section of the stock. it would appear to me that if this pin breaks the whole **** thing would come apart!...the front of the pin in my stock has the finish gone I'd assume where something in the tube hits the pin as the gun cycles? also I noticed that when not screwed into the tube the assembly fits loose in the stock, with that being said I'd say somebody had to screw the stock on WAY too tight to make this break, it is designed to only be snugged up and then the trigger group keeps it from turning.

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