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Brand new M4 - UPSET!


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You guys are right, I jumped off the deep end and I apologize.


Inside the regular stock there is a pin/threaded bolt. If you take off your regular stock and look inside you can see it sticking out.


This pin screws into the spring tube assembly and that is how the stock stays attached to the rest of the shotgun.


It is like someone took the pin and snapped it in half, the threads are perfectly fine; it is a clean break.

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In defense of Duggan, even somebody who owns either fixed variant (pistol or straight) may not realize that they screw on differently, even if they've done the swap with the collapsing stock; procedure is the same.


However, you nits who keep a well-worn copy of your M4 documentation on the shelf next to the toilet have no excuse! tongue.gif Quick! Name part 063J!

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Sending your stock in to Benelli will be a painless experience. I have sent mine to them twice. Once the entire weapon and once the stock. (not because the weapon needed repair) The 1st time was to upgrade the barrel from a low recoil 4 port barrel to a 2 port military barrel.And the 2nd time was to have them check my pistol grip stock out. I could not get it on tight for some reason. And they get it back to you faster than you would expect. You will get a card in the mail stating that they have received the gun and it gives an approx. 30 days or more, but I have never waited more than 2 weeks. I only have good things to say about Benelli Customer Service.

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