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Favorite Camo Pattern

Spur Collector

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Good question! I use whatever works best for where I am hunting.I am on the Field Staff for Realtree,so I use their stuff most of the time.Turkey Season finds me in Hardwoods greenHD,APG,and Advantage Timber.Sometimes when I feel like throwin' down old school,I rock Advantage classic.Next week I'll be in PA. for deer,and I'll be wearing lots of Woolrich"Camwoolflauge".If the sharp observer looks through my pics,they might even see some Mossy Oak original Break-up in there!I take my selection very serious,and I haul two sets of each with me,wherever I go.

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I have a little Mossy Oak Breakup, but my favorite is Realtree Hardwoods Green HD. They went to the New AP Green this year so most of my new stuff is that. I still like the Hardwoods Green but the new APG is growing on me.


Camo patterns change a good bit now. I bought my Benelli SBE II in black so it'll never be outdated. My Browning was camo and some of it on the reciever was rubbing off and showing black, so I figured this time I'd just get black to start with.

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I've got lots of MO Break-Up. I'm also liking MO Brush. Just bought a new turkey 10 in MO Duck Blind.


I think that for the average weekend warrior, any old camo will do. They are only dreaming of the couch and a cold beer anyway.


But I don't agree that camo is just for people. Maybe some people, not me :)


I spend thousands on out of state trips and use very valuable vacation time on these hunts, so I'm not willing to rely on other folk's opinions on how I should dress.


Last year in Missouri, I worked a flock of 15 turks in to five feet. The tom (with 23" of beards) was way in the back, not willing to move until his hens did. I was covered head to toe in MOBU Trek Lite, laying on the side of a small creek bed, SBE II resting on a log. After five minutes of having 14 hens purring, clucking, etc. all around me, the tom finally worked into 25 yards, where he lost his head. I don't know if the same result would have occurred if I was in jeans and a t-shirt, but guess what, I'm never going to try to find out :D

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Plain old Advantage camo for me works for all outdoor sports, too many kids and wife to worry about keeping up with the latest trends. I put my 5yr old son and 10 year old daughter in old military fatigues, seems to keep them covered up. Worked for the USMC for a long time.

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