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Lubes bad for stocks?


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Nope, but thanks for the info about making them look new again.


I am asking if any cleaning/preservetive chemicals out there will cause harm to the black synthetics (fancy word for plastic) if left on them.


So anything that will soften/discolor/melt my M4 into a pool of goo is what I want to know about.




Dastardly Dog


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So you are saying since Hoppes Elite does no harm, no other cleaner/lubricant/protectant (these could be seperate products, not just CLP) in the world will harm my stock? :rolleyes:


Are you originally from Alabama?


I am saying that Hoppes Elite, after over three years of exclusive and routine use, has done no harm to the black synthetics on my SBEII.


Therefore, I am saying that Hoppes Elite will not harm synthetics.


Others?... I don't know.


I guess I assumed you were looking for a good product that will take care of the entire gun, from recoil pad to choke tube, and I was trying, albeit subtly, to suggest that Hoppes Elite is such a product.


No, I am not saying that any and every CLP, solvent, hair spray, Febreeze, and RAID will not harm the synthetics.

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T-H I think "tuck" is questioning your ancestry??? LOL


seriously, back to the solvent aspect of your post....steer clear of Acetone



Acetone or similar chemistry (MEK ETC) is very corrosive to most plastics...even some more resistant ones...like HDPE, UHMW.....not TEFLON...but TEFLON is impervious to almost everything.

Brake cleaner, gun scrubber, etc....can and will harm plastics very quickly!


Acetone is the primary ingrediant/whole ingrediant in nail polish remover....nail polish is mostly acrylic/polymers...clear with color molecules.....so I would say this.....




Some lubes use solvents....the "C" part of CLP for example is a solvent....the labels of most products will usually tell you if it contains Acetone. I know a lot of guys use Gun Scrubber but I won't touch it when it comes to "plastic" guns!

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Yep, me and Forrest was born in GREENBOW ALAAAABAMA! :)



Actually I am from Selma, AL- lots of history there. But I do not have a perminant home of record right now. I am working 7 out of 8 weeks on the road.


"No, I am not saying that any and every CLP, solvent, hair spray, Febreeze, and RAID will not harm the synthetics. "


No Raid?! How do I keep the magazine mites and the bore beetles from infesting my gun?!!!!!!



"Damned if I know" Dog


"A word to the wise ain't necessary -- it's the stupid ones that need the advice."

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Just wondering.

You seemed a bit slow on the uptake for a fellow Southerner.

I could understand it if you were from up North somewhere like maybe Uh-hiya. :cool:


Hmmmm.... slow on the uptake? After rereading your posts three times....... THERE IS NOTHING TO UPTAKE! Hoppes Elite is not a CLP anyway- there are at least 7 different elite products (I guess you could buy the seperate cleaner/oil/stain remover and mix them together).


I asked the question if anything would harm my stock, I did not ask what would NOT harm my stock, I have a pretty good handle on that.


What baffles me is why I am dignifying your posts with a reply? Can anyone answer that?



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Where do you see CLP on this page?





Where do you see "CLP" on this bottle?


"Are you talking about the black synthetics? If so, then I can say without hesitation that Hoppes Elite (notice the absence of any mention of CLP here.... T-H) is great on them!

I use it all the time on mine and it makes them look brand new again.


You use bore gel on your entire gun?!"



"It's usually a case of infatuation. Don't worry, it will eventually subside and your hormones will be back under control"


Infatuation? At the risk of being called a low-brow sexist dog; the only people I have ever been/ will be infatuated with are women.


Wait a second! .......nagging argument about who is right, refference to hormones, Ohhhhh, I get it! ........ Tuck, you're a girl!


My apologies Mam! :)

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Where do you see "CLP" on this bottle?


Well, you are right and I do apologize for not completely spelling it out for you.

I assumed a certain level of intelligence from you and figured that you wouldn't moronic enough to use bore gel on the exterior surfaces of your gun.


I keep forgetting that we have so many people on these boards who are completely newbs when it comes to firearms, their use, and their care.


Again, I apologize. I'll try to be more specific and not risk harm to anymore Benellis in the hands of the clueless.

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