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Rhino or Kicks


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Sorry about another tube question but I have it down to two that I want. I have a SBEII and want to know which patterns better. They are both pretty expensive so before I buy I would like some advice.I plan on shooting the Hevi Shot. Thanks in advance.


I tried a Kick's .660 with lead and Win XR #6's. I was less than impressed with the results. HS likes a more open choke, so you may need a .665 or .670?


I have a Rhino .660 which was my primary choke until I tested a Primos Jellyhead in .660. The both work well, but the JH is maybe a tad tighter.


I'd call both companies to see what they recommend for HS.

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Are you planning on shooting the Nitro's with big ben? I was looking at the price and almost fell out of my chair.Last year I shot the Winchester Supreme Xtended 3" #6 out of my Thompson Center Pro Hunter. I'm still not sure what to shoot out of the SBE.

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I was looking at Kicks and Indian Creek. I ended up going with Indian Creek. Kicks is not Hevishot compatible. Mike at Indian Creek was super nice. He sent me the .665 and the .655 and said keep whichever shoots the best. I kept the .655. I'm getting really nice patterns with Hevi-13 in 5s and 6s. It's the combo I'll be shooting this year.


Not trying to sell you on Indian Creek, even though that probably sounded like a commercial. I was just rambling on to say Kicks says don't shoot Hevishot through their tubes.

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both the Rhino & Kick's (.660's) pattern well with my copper plated and nickle plated "reloads"......#5's seem to shoot better in the Rhino & #6's from the Kick's! Found similar results with Federal's Flight Control copper plated loads. Maybe I'm old fashioned but I have not seen a need to shoot Hevi-Shot (or other non-toxic) on Turkey's.......and this is coming from a man who uses it on geese!!!


Before someone asks.....I like it for two reasons on geese 1.) can't use lead. 2.) shoots like lead (better than steel)!

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