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Sell the M4, get an AA12.....


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Wow..what do you want with that?? Birdhunting..smallgames..editing mountains and landscapes? I got my Benelli M4 license from the Police in my country for hunting "Wildschweine" with slugs (wild porks) in plain english. It has got a 2 round limiter inside the long magazine tube to meet the hunting regulations in my world..so...hmmm..:rolleyes:

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MMP, I beg to differ with you on that......the "original" street sweeper only had a 12 round capacity and while shooting it the thing was impossible to keep on target after the 3rd or 4th shot! You also had to "wind-up" the street sweeper magazine because it operated by a clock-spring (weak design).


If you watch this video you can see how the AA12 is virtually recoiless and has a 32 round capacity if your so inclined....WOW!


My guess is a weapon of this design (AA12) would cost way over $5000....the "original" street sweeper was a toy by comparison....kinda like comparing a .45 Thompson Sub-Machine gun to a Mini-Gun, no comparison! (IMHO) ;)


Here is a link to the "old" street sweeper;



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the original SS was by no means a perfect gun but it was a blast to shoot (no pun intended), ha.. recoil was a beast and and loading was often problematic but when it put lead down range, it wa perfect at that..my dislikes of the AA is the SIZE, cost im sure and alot of composite..the SS was compact, not 'heavy' but heavier and damn wicked to loook at...thats my comparison

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