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turkey decoys?


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what decoys are you using and what do you like and dislike about them? do you have any tips for getting the decoy to take proper shape?


i have three inflatable decoys, the reason i got them is because i like how small they get in my vest and that they dont stay crinkled (spell check):D whan i pull them out. but they are inflatable so if they get a hole in them they are junk.


also have you seen a differance in how real/unreal the decoy looks?


thanks, Jeff

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As far as realism goes,I like the Primos B-******,and the Buckwing series of Decoys. They are made of a solid rubber that is a little more cumbersome,but when you put these things out,you'd swear a flock of live birds snuck in on you while you had your head turned.B-****** is ultra realistic,but his use is limited in terms of how often you can use him throughout the course of the season.Full strut decoys tend to scare off the lesser dominant birds,which could be a problem if "The Boss" was recently killed by someone else and the pecking order hasn't been sorted back out yet. A trick I like to use in a situation like this is to put B-****** farther off to my side with a hen decoy,and have another hen(upright or feeding) in front of me with a jake decoy just chillin'.This makes a "safe" social situation for a sub-dom mature bird to come and chill out and break the ice.

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I been using the Master series from Flambeau. I like the attentive Hen and the feeding hen.


For full strut decoys I have been looking at the new King Strut that came out by Flambeau since you can put real wings and fan on it. The Pretty Boy look great too. The B M obile just look to fake for my taste. Plus it says primos and that says it all JUNK production!

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I carry 3-4 inflatable Sceerys on every hunt.


Some days I use none, some days I use all.


I've got some deadly decoy lay-outs that have produced amazing results. I used four dekes on a few hunts in Kansas last year, and the images of some of the hunts will be burned in my brain forever.


Yes, the Sceerys can get leaks, but I don't care, I just buy new ones.


I do have an older Feather Flex Deluxe hen and jake that I really like. They are thick and have a neat green sheen that our hybrids out here really like as do Rios and Rio hybrids that I pursue all over the place.


I've lost way too many two year old birds to any decoy with a fan, so I gave that up years ago. Fans are bad muju for me :)

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do you have any tips for getting the decoy to take proper shape?


I have been wondering the same thing! Bought a couple Feather Flex to start the year off with as struttin' birds haven't worked so well for me in the past. Just cannot figure out how to get the crinkles out of these new ones....

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