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rust problem


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CorrosionX...................there aren't too many barrells that won't rust after getting salt spray or even fresh water on them. Just stick em in a case sit them on the seat or whatever, and wherever the barrel touches the fabric, will rust as it dries, normally. I have found that CorrrosionX prevents rust from normal air drying saltwater, it beads the spray. As long I do not lay the gun on an object or put in a case to dry, I have no problems. With all my guns, I wipe them down ASAP before leaving the blind for the return trip to the boat ramp. I keep a lintfree rag in a ziplock bag already sprayed down with CorrosionX and barrel snake. Before I leave the blind, I wipe it / snake it and stick in a gun sock then the floating case. All is well when I get home. CorrosionX works.

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Never heard of Ezox Drundel, I'll look it up and maybe give it a try. I haven't found my SBEII rusting yet....though I do take extra precautions. My other guns have gotten rust spots on em from situations like I mentioned above. If you have any experience with CorrosionX, I have a question. I have the thin (red can) and the thick (green can). The green is supposed to leave a coat on, not attract dust, etc. etc. I use it on my trailer rims and all bolts and nuts on the trailer, but haven't tried it on a gun. Anyone try that??? Maybe I'll give it a shot and wipe it down to see if it will protect better. Either way, I'll look for some Ezox.

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Humidity is a starter and temperature an accelerator for any rust problem. Just like Efloyd mention , wipe your gun dry before casing .

I own a 30+ year old IZ ( ol' russian-made 12ga), which i still use for pheasant and jack-rabbit hunts. Other than fully chromed barrels , outside part of the gun was poorly finished just like most IZ's and baikals - thus very prone to rusting . Still i managed to keep it working by simply caring for the darn thing ;) .

Simple way to prevent rust :

1. Wipe it dry right after hunt , never case the weapon dirty and wet. Any de-humidifying patch inside of case is a great idea.

2. Try not to expose your barrels to sudden temp. change . Best way is to leave an open case in a garage for some time , let it warm up slowly .


Even if you clean your weapon right after hunt , when all metal is dead cold theres a good chance that once you bring it home , two days later there will be rust somewhere . This applies to any scatter gun.


3 scatter guns in my locker : SBE II Sport , Merkel and IZ ... No rust


I'm not familiar with other models of Benelli , but i own SBE II Sport and R1 in 30-06. Both show flawless performance , no problems whatsoverer smile.gif


Good Luck



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I really have good luck with Breakfree CLP.


My SBE matte gets that dingy look with some small rust spots.


I lay the Breakfree CLP on pretty heavy, let it sit for a bit, and then wipe most of it off.


Don't care for the smell much, but it keeps the gun dark and rust free.


mudhen - CA

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I have mostly dealt with blued guns, and have never had rust problems. In general they are wiped after handling. Guns brought in from the cold after a hunt are allowed to warm to room temperature inside before cleaning. This allows any moisture that condenses on the cold gun to dry off in the relatively low indoor humidity of a heated home. After cleaning, they should be stored in some secure place other than the case you transport them in.


A couple of years ago, my 870 Express (a painted gun) and I went fully under water in flooded timber. I emptied it out and finished my hunt. Back at the ranch, I stripped it and soaked the metal inside and out with Rem Oil. Then, wiped it down and never had rust. I have not had enouogh experience with my daughter's Nova yet to know how it will fare.


I have not had to deal with salt spray, and salt with water will really tear up steel fast. In Zack Taylor's book on waterfowling, he talks about an experience he had (unfortunately with a 16 ga Parker) where he oiled his gun after a hunt on the ocean and the next day it was pitted. Apparently salt and moisture were trapped under the oil. Kind of makes sense because oil floats on water, salt will not dissolve in oil, and any salt crystals left in the oil would attract moisture and start to pit the metal. He started cleaning his guns with hot water after that (also used silicon sprays instead of oil). Even thinking about washing a gun in water except as a last resort bothers me. You would really have to dry and oil it quickly and well.


At some point I am sure I will get caught in the rain with my Montefeltro, and then I will see how it reacts.


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