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SLIP 2000 Carbon Cutter


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How is this stuff on blued guns? Does it damage blueing?



No, it doesn't hurt blued guns at all. I know this because I have some S&W Ti cyl. and aluminum frame revolvers that you can't use the old Birchwood Casey lead remover cloth on. It will damage the finish. Everybody in the class 3 community is pretty much starting to use the SLIP 2000 EWL, which is their oil. There are no mixed reviews on this oil/lube. On the Slip 2000 Carbon Cutter (which is also marketed to shotgunners as choke tube cleaner, I believe) there ARE some mixed reviews. I saw it in "Small Arms Review" Magazine that I subscribe to. This Guy had an M4 Carbine bolt that he put in the Carbon Cutter and he let it sit and when he took it out, he just had to wipe off the carbon biuld up. I talked to some guys that said it works OK, but not THAT good. Again, this is the Carbon Cutter and not the EWL (extreme weapons lubricant).

I was one of the guys using the Militec-1 back in about 96-97' I believe. I'm always looking for better safer products that work. I shoot a lot and I hate cleaning damn weapons all the time.

The SLIP products are non petroleum based and are supposedly biodegradable and (I Think) non toxic. I have little kids now, so the whole non toxic thing sounds good to me. Anyhow, I'm going to try it out and I'll let you guy's know how I like it.

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I used Slip on carbon and it worked better than EEZOX, but not as well as Butch's Bore shine.



I hear good things about the spray in foam, Wipe Out and want to try this in the future.

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I tried the SLIP 2000 to get the carbon out of the booster of my 1919A4, soaked it for days,

no luck.

But that is not a fair use of the product, nothing except a air-powered needle scaler will get

the stuff out of a booster, I subsequently found out.

The next time I went to use the SLIP 2000, it had eaten through the metal can and oozed out

onto the shelf. Potent chemicals!

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I've used Slip 2000 carbon remover and the oil for several years and I really like it. It won't perform miracles, but it works well.


It takes 95% of the cylinder rings off my stainless revolver. I just let it soak for a few minutes and hit it with a wire brush. The carbon easily comes off. I also use it on my blued rifle and the bluing is still perfect after several years. Although, I think the label says not to soak blued parts for too long.


It also has a nice smell, like a typical home cleaning product.


Last I checked they give a military and LE discount, which I really like. I like to support companies that support our troops.


I'd recommend trying it. You may not be amazed, but you should at least not be disappointed.



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My previous endorsement for KG industries products remains, however I recently picked up a jug of CARBON KILLER to try ... I haven't used it yet, as sadly it has been a month or so since I have been shooting and all my guns are clean :(


Have you had a chance to use the Carbon Killer?

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If you really want to get rid of carbon try Corrosion X. I have the Slip 2000 carbon cutter and Slip 2000 CLP. I like them both. The Slip 2000 carbon cutter I got came in a jar with a tray you can lower the parts into. Works great on AR-15 bolts when you soak it for a couple of hours. I just posted what folks would suggest I use on a camo SBE II because I am afraid that any of these 3 products would strip the finish. All 3 seemed ok on the phosfate finish of an AR-15.

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