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Short review of a sling I got for my M4.

No F-Bdy Bs

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Just a quick review of the GSP Gear Sector sling.

These can be used for pretty much any long gun configuration, but I chose it for my Benelli M4.

If it works out, I may get one for one of my carbines. They have numerous mounting options for whatever you are running.

I ordered the GSP setup while at work Sat, at about 4am. Woke up to find it at my door today(TUE). Damn that was fast!



Anyhoo, I ordered this sling for my Benelli M4, with the intent to utalize the stock mounting hardware offered on the M4.

Sling arrived as described. Well thought out product. Quality construction and a few little details that let you know that they went the extra mile. Also, its nice to look down and see that your product was US made.[:)]

The ripcord is really cool. You can snug it up, and it really pulls the shotgun into your shoulder, making for a MUCH more solid shooting position.


I am VERY partial to any bolt-ons, and and any other mall-ninjaesque tactical **** for a shotgun. Funky stocks, quad rails, PG grips, lights, lasers, ect. All look cool in zombie flicks, but really only succeed in draining your wallet in the real world.

Slings are no exception.

However, as to slings, either you REALLY need one, or, its just in the damn WAY. Liability.

What drew me to the GS, was the quick-release buckle setup. I use my M4 for 3-gun stuff, as well as general mayhem.[bD]

That being said, on some courses, you are reguired to transition from your shotgun, to your pistol, and let your shotgun hang.

On other courses, some of the more creative ones, its all shotgun.Bailing out of cars, ect. Lots of potential to snag on something.

A lot of the positions you have to get into, well, a sling would be a liability. With the quick release buckle setup, I plan to just remove the sling if the course dictates.

At this point, its all theory. I have a 3-gun match this weekend, so we will see how she runs.

Here is my M4 with the Gear Sector sling.


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