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Matt D

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I totally agree TMAC! I would be willing to pay that if it were 25 in a box but only 10? What the **** is the purpose? If you center the bird in your pattern at a resonable range you are going to kill it dead. I have stoned pheasants a 40yds plus with 9 shot and shot mallards very well at the same range with 6 shot steel.

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Something I just don't quite understand here.


Yes, you don't understand how effective Hevi Shot is.


With some premium steel already at $20+ per 25 shells, Hevi Shot at $38 per 25 is not that bad. If you can find Remington's new Wingmaster cheap, they have a rebate that gets the price down to almost $20 per 25.


The performance simply wipes steel off the map, period. The stuff is deadly.


I don't go out trying to kill helpless animals with inferior ammunition. I try to kill animals with the best products I can afford.


Does anyone 'need' a $50,000 truck to drive to their hunting place? Does anyone 'need' a $20,000 boat to catch bass?


What does 'need' have to do with anything anyway :confused:


'Want' is the key word :D

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I guess you have to try it to appreciate it. I come from years of shooting what ever is on sale today, typically Winchester Experts or Remington sportsmans when they come on sale for around $10 a box for 12ga-3"-#2 or BB.


Perhaps I am missing out on somthing.


We shoot a lot of passing ducks at 35 - 40 yards; mostly puddle ducks. If I were to try the Hevi Shot are you saying I could go to #4 or even #6 shot?? Also move up from IC chokes to Mod? Patterning is the proof, just want to see if its more like shooting lead again.

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Hevi shot far outclasses steel IMO. With it you can go back to the shot sizes of the lead days which gives you denser patterns AND better knock down energy. When lead was legal, I knew nobody that shot bigger than 4's for ducks or 2's for geese and most shot 6's or 5's. 3" shells were reserved for when you knew you would have long shots at geese. You're wasting a lot of the advantage of hevi shot if you stay with the same shot size you use with steel. I've had excellent results with 2 3/4" #6 hevi shot for ducks when I think I can afford it.

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