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TV Hunting shows


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Love them all for the most part. Wayne Pearson is more boring than watching paint dry, and Knight and Hale are not much better. Other than that, I like them all.


Anything from Primos is good for me, same for Roadtrips.


Better than Tour De France, Bull Riding, Project Runway, American Idol, etc. :D

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One of my new favorites is to watch waterfowl getting blasted in flooded timber. I'm loving the echos of six or seven guns blazing away until the only sound you hear is the ducks hitting the water and the noise that goes with the dogs going to get them. It's better when the hunters are guys that know what they are doing,it makes it more pleasant on the ears:D

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I like a few of the hunting shows, but for the most part they are so rigged and chocked full of promotions that it's sickening.


I also have zero interest in seeing stuff that is irrelevant to my own continent. I'd rather go dove hunting a few miles from the house than go to Africa and shoot a circus animal.


I like Driven to Hunt and Realtree Roadtrips enough to watch them. Tom Miranda and Chuck Adams are good. I'll watch them.


I've just about stopped watching American Bird Hunter.

Knapp's OK, but he's not the General. American Gun Dog is decent.


Sapp and his "Hammertime!" BS, and others like that make me want to hurl.

They are turning hunting into what B.A.S.S. has done to fishing. It's meant to be a relaxing, personal, and near spiritual experience, not a friggin' contest.


Watching the big bucks step out into a ranch trail in Texas after the dust from the corn truck has cleared isn't too exciting either.

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I teach hunter education in Kansas.


I like to watch for obvious safety violations when I watch these shows. You know, don't point yoru gun at anythign you don't want to shoot, etc.


I regularly find blatant safety violations.


Seems like 9 out of 10 are whitetail deer hunting, and although I do, on occasion, hunt deer, its not my favorite.


I prefer to watch pheasant hunting, but it is seldom featured.


I'm like tucker, I generally couldn't care less about someone hunting warthogs in Mombassa, or axis deer in a fenced-in ranch in Texas.

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