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  1. Something to keep an eye out for when you install a carbon fiber magazine tube. I noticed on one of my swaps that the shells were hanging up inside the magazine tube with my brother-in-law’s M4. He was using a FFT follower. Upon trying to insert a shell into the empty magazine tube, the follower would get stuck and prevent you from pushing the round in. I found that the follower was hanging up on the Briley magazine tube where the stainless steel threaded end transitions to the aluminum body beneath the carbon fiber. If you push your finger inside either end of the mag tube, you’ll f
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  2. Thanks for sharing, now will someone lock this 5 year old thread for crying out loud.
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  3. CS is Customer Service. They are in Maryland, not Italy. If you can't get the gun to shoot straight, and Sportsmans Warehouse can, then you've still got a problem. This is why they want to send it back to Benelli. Honestly, at this point is sounds as though you have little chance of being happy with the gun. Sell it or trade it and move on.
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