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  1. 1 1/4 hevi or other non steel(or heviest load) or 7/8oz ~1500fps steel 1 1/8 slower steel
  2. save the $$ and get the supernova or p350 for strictly waterfowling no reason not to get the 3 1/2" gun and a pump. if your gonna do some targets and some upland and such the m2000 or franchi auto might be in order. now if your just going for the cheepst gun you can get. go with the pump the auto is great but the pump is just nearly unbreakable. either nova or stoeger p-350
  3. wow not one hen someone left a few in the field under a rock
  4. I see it getting real bad millions of ducks concentrated on state and private hunt clubs just like the states and DU want it so they can control all duck hunting.
  5. 0000 steel wool takes rust off easy then coat with oil. added benifit it polishes the blue.
  6. none on the mossy either it's photo inlay i.e. paint.
  7. your lucky to get one out of camo. just about everything attacks it. mud acts like sand paper, nitro solvents eath the synthetics and break up the metal paint bond, if your lucky it might get covered under warrenty.
  8. after every outing i run the barrels down. twice a year i take the stock off and clean the trigger guts. er make that 3 out of storage, after dove/clay season, and into storage. thats the plan rain yada yada alter that.
  9. snipe woodkock qail phesant all wild what i get to hunt duck geese and the normal planted birds.
  10. USFWS warns hunters about baited fields Bismarck Tribune By RICHARD HINTON As the early Canada goose season nears its Friday opener, migratory game bird hunters need to make sure they aren't set up in a baited field. That's the word in this drought year from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Many farmers' fields yielded stunted small grains that weren't harvested, especially in the southern part of North Dakota, Rich Grosz, the USFWS special agent in Bismarck, said Wednesday. "If the farmer doesn't harvest and goes typically to discing, tilling or things of t
  11. anything made in turkey is for turkeys no matter what the brand, the brazil (formerly IGA) stoegers you never hear a complaint about. franchi is kinda the middle child a company that made good guns and was just sorta envolped, like the buick of guns it's not a cavalier and it's not a caddy. all 4 companys make at least one good gun
  12. if you have choke tubes make sure it's not cross threaded. if not send it back for a straight barrel.
  13. ask the trapper to throw a target for all the group to see. go second or third in the group you'll get to see were the clays are going but still be fresh enough to shoot insted of walking up to the station after 3 other people with splinters in your bum. ask what bird people shoot first hearing protection get the best you can. good earplug under muffs. electronic or otherwise.
  14. 2.75 #4 federal steel normal loads open choke/imp cylinder i hunt timber so if you can shoot a duck you can count it's feathers. ducks in a field blind or on the lake when i go i step up to #2 3" max payload winchester steel i would up to bismuth or matrix but i can burn 50 shells on a good day. I end up pulling the trigger in the excitement on birds i shouldn't. heck one time i watched my pellets hit 5 foot behind a water skimmer skirting the decoys CB's may be fast but i swear that woody was doing 90. i only started shooting 2.75 was because 1 1/8oz 2.75 bb,2,4 were a b
  15. ehh, money buy land wasn't that the point to preserve the natrual pothole area, and not pay million dollar salires to admins accountants and other people who bleed charities dry. from what i heard recently ducks are up another 5% this year. perhaps the real problem is trappers are getting hammered and many fur bearing critters prey on duck eggs and young. i got out of trapping because all my passed down equipment became illegal and the investment in new stuff was outrageous. still hunt fur but it's not as effective. so it's all PETA's fault.
  16. heck with the recipe i want some jerky now if only some of them duck make it here to MO i might take that recipe [ 10-14-2006, 12:35 AM: Message edited by: MOwaterfowler ]
  17. have fun good luck and reload shells during your recovery.
  18. aye deadly, talk hear of banning mojo and other effects decoys. two years in a row same results of the survey 55% want um and on 19% favor a ban.
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