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  1. I can't help you with the recoil pad question but I have heard a TON of good things about the patternmaster. There are all different kinds of patternmaster, some for longer ranges, some for shorter, some for 3" some for 3-1/2" shells. They shorten your shot string and should improve your pattern. They also don't use constriction to improve the pattern, they use little teeth that grab the wad, separating it from the shot, making more consistant patterns. If they do not do as desired for you, they will take it back.
  2. Seen it a dozen times. I was only replying to this mudhen, thats it. If they said the SBE II reduced recoil up to 48% less then a 5 lb single shot with no recoil pad, I may have believed it. There commercials say nearest competitor, which would be the Xtrema in America, sorry I don't get into all the foreign crap. And so far, the claim is not true IMO, to ANY gun in America. Find the gun for me would ya? Then it got into Tom Knapp shooting dirty guns with no break in and light loads with no malfunctions. Very impressive. And why is it we hear about malfuntions all the time from not cleaning, improper break it, grit? I'm not complaining, just stating that benelli needs to rethink their commercials. If they said the SBE II kicks 48% less then "this gun" I could have believed it. They also claim it is the softest kicking shotgun in the world. Now tell me that isn't false advertising. Go by your charts, I don't care, but I have an opinion, and I will not go by the charts. They are inaccurate from what I'VE seen. Unibomber? WTF, you've got a serious issue agains montanians don't you Mud. No biggy, I'm not fan of you californians either or your governer. How are them turkey calls coming along?
  3. And I was not disagreeing with you, just saying the numbers are wrong. WAY wrong. And again, it is the heavy loads that really prove the difference. Hmmm, quite odd that a lot of our guns get a little grit in them, and start to malfunction, yet theirs work flawlessly completely covered in grit? Why does that happen so often? And again, he shoots the minimum reccommended load for ALL benelli shotguns, straight out of the box, and no malfunctions? Hmmmm. So you broke it in and it shot flawlessly? Not much surprise there. My uncle bought an SBE II last year, took it out of the box, assembled it, and we shot ducks and geese for a week straight, no malfunction. Shot some target rounds later, no malfunctions. I've shot clays with my 12 gauge nova, couple cases in a day, no pain either, I wore a T-shirt and shorts. Is your SS a 20 or a 12? Does your SS kick less with the same load, I'm guessing yes but it is an $1800 semi vs. a $380 pump comfortech or not. There is a reason TONS of people are saying comfortech is scam, its because it doesn't do as well as advertised. But I've noticed just about every product out there is false advertised. Take the subway sandwich for example, it shows you a sandwich just stuffed with meat, veggies and cheese, then you get your $5 sandwich, and you can barely see that ther is even meat in the sandwich. I could give you a few dozen more examples if you want. I'm not bashing you, and yes these are only opinions. But I'm not going by what one or two articles say.
  4. I haven't read it, but I have come NOT to trust most reviews if not all, they seem to cater the product as I have noticed. Or completely go against it. For instance, the Xtrema got rave reviews in EVERY magazine article I read about it. Then I go on a forum with people who use these guns and actually shoot them. This gun so far is having tons of problems. Almost everyone I have heard that has one has something break on them. It gets fixed of course by Beretta, but it still broke. I can name a few that have had theirs a season or so and absolutely no problems, but Sdkidaho is one of them, see how small the numbers really are? After reading the magazine review, I was ready to buy one, I'm glad I didn't have the money because I feel that would have been a mistake on my part. After reading the REAL reviews, made by REAL people, I won't buy one, at least until I hear these problems go away from the REAL people. Here is a question for you, how is it that every one of Tom Knapps guns performs flawlessly right out of the box, yet almost none of ours do, unless we wipe off the factory oil, clean it real well, lightly oil it, then break it in with some heavy shells? Yet he claims to shoot light loads without a hitch, no break it, straight from the factory? I still love benelli, and will still buy one. But I think that someone cleans the guns well, cycles them, checks them, then puts them in the box for Tom to, 'assemble.' Nothing against Tom either, I like him as well. Just some things to look at. Again, shoot some heavy shells out of both, I can't name a gun that kicks much with light shells. Its the heavy shells that tell me which gun feels better. True, the bolt slides better in the SBE II, but I don't understand your point there, ones inertia, ones gas. All gas guns seem to have a harder slide then the the inertia ones. Comfortech vs. non in two guns with the exact weight and function, heck yeah I would want the comfortech, but I believe the numbers are very incorrect, if they said 10-15% less recoil then its nearest competitor, I would believe it, but 48%? That isn't even true with a mossberg that kicks like a horse and has a hard recoil pad and the SBE II with comfortech and soft recoil pad, both kick quite hard. The Mossberg, I would say kicks about 20% harder then the SBE II at best. Both guns fit me just fine. In fact the SBE II fits better. So if both guns fit right, that would shave even more of the 20% away. I don't really care who wrote the article, its just an opinion like you said. If tuck wrote the article, I wouldn't believe it either, seeing how he is so biased to his Nelli's. LOL. Just messin with ya tuck. Sorry if my post is a little choppy, it seems that way to me, but I don't really want to fix it, I've been on the computer enough for now. I tried to make sure it was unbiased as well.
  5. Shoot an SBE II with a 3-1/2 turkey load. Then shoot the same load in an Xtrema 2. Tell me which one reduces recoil up to 48% less then the closest competitor. They may need to update that. My Nova with out comfortech kicks less the the SBE II, as I have said before. Granted my Nova is about a pound heavier. Not bashing benelli, I love their guns, but what they are claiming is not true. Now a 3" gun shooting light clay loads, with a cushy recoil pad AND comfortech, I wouldn't expect to feel recoil either. On ANY gun with a cushy pad.
  6. How about a gas gun? Like the Xtrema 2. Sdk says it kicks about as bad as his nova 20 gauge.
  7. I don't honestly know, but I would think so. I don't see a reason for them to design the M2 forend different then the M1, but I could be wrong.
  8. Comfortech and a cryo treated barrel. Thats about it.
  9. Mossberg 835, that sucker is a good 8 lbs. But, I will tell you I would rather shoot my brothers browning 10 gauge then his Mossberg 12 gauge. I don't know what it is about mossbergs, but they are the true mule of kicking guns. Add some weight to it and get a limbsaver if you are going for a mossberg. I don't like the quality of the 870, but if you do go for one, they are light, kick is average, and they seem to fit nicely. I've shot my brothers 870 supermagnum, same kick as a Nova.
  10. The monte would make a decent goose gun, most the people I know that hunt geese with me shy away from the 3-1/2" shells because they hate the recoil. But I hate to break it to you, but even though the SBE II weighs more then the monte, you are gonna get plenty of recoil. I was amazed when I first shot an SBE II, it almost knocked me on my butt, and I was left with a bruse after only one shot. The year after, I got a standard Nova and IMO, it kicked considerably less then the SBE II. Dooder is right, the SBE II and the monte have the moving bolt. But the between the auto 3-1/2 and the pump 3-1/2. The auto kicked more, even though the bolt moves AND it had comfortech, my nova does not. One thing you will like about the SBE II that the Monte does not have, is a gel cheek insert. Even if you are slapped in the face, it is padded, and smooth so your cheek will slide along it. But again, when I hold a gun right, I don't get slapped in the face, no matter what gun. If I don't have a firm grip, whammo to the face. Also, something I have learned is, if you move with the gun, you get kicked less, and no slap cheek because you are moving with it. My brother likes to absorb the recoil and wonders why someone 50 lbs less then him, (me), can shoot his gun without brusing or soreness or cheek slap, something that he gets a lot with his 10 gauge, that I don't get with the same gun.
  11. I read a really cool article about it in Fur-Fish-Game magazine. Quite interesting.
  12. I agree with dooderman, your gun does not fit you. And getting slapped in the face, that seems like a fit issue/not holding the gun properly or tight enough. My brothers browning 10 gauge BPS will slam me in the face if I do not get a good grip on it, but if I've got a good grip it will not slap me in the face at all. Just bust my shoulder. I would try to get that gun refitted before I thought of selling it. Those montefeltros are some sweet little guns. And again Dooder is right, a 3-1/2 shell is not 'needed' But I have always liked the extra shot and power. I have dropped geese just as high with a 3" as I have a 3-1/2"
  13. Also, both of your guns will shoot slugs just fine. Just make sure the 26 inch camo model has the Improved cylinder choke in it while shooting slugs.
  14. Don't quote me on this, but I have shot 00 buck through a full choke no problem. With good patterns. So I think a full would be fine for buck shot. With slugs, nothing more then an IC, and unless it is a rifled choke tube, it isn't going to do your slug any good by increasing or decreasing constriction.
  15. You can give Benelli customer service a call and let them know you did not get a shim kit with the gun. They should send you one. Or tell the guy or store you got the gun from you did not get the shim kit with it. They should give you one. I wouldn't worry to much about it, but it is something I would like to have. It just makes the gun fit better then without it. My standard nova isn't adjustable at all. I shoot just fine with it.
  16. Is this the tactical SN with 18.5 inch barrel, or a SN hunting version. If it is the tactical, you should not have gotten a wrench or chokes. But you should have gotten the shim kit. If you have the hunting version, you should have 3 chokes, IC, M and F. Or 1 notch, 3 notch, and 4 notch, and a wrench, and the shim kit. I'm guessing since you said ghost ring, you have the tactical version, in which you would only recieve a shim kit, and 'maybe' a wrench for your ghost ring sights.
  17. I'll pass on the 105i. If I got an expensive gun, it would be a benelli or a browning, not a true remington. I'm looking for a decent semi, that I don't have to spend my summer earnings on. I did however just get a new job.......... So far, not much bad about the gun, and a lot of good. And I've heard they are built like a tank. And tuck, no way am I getting a M2000, I could live with a stoeger o/u or s/s, but I'd look into other brands first. I get my paycheck next week, I'll probably pick one up then. I'll keep my Nova if the thing turns out to be a pile, so I will have a shotgun to use.
  18. I saw video of one of them in action, I liked it. And its a little less then $500 on price. I hate remintons, but since they are only imported by remington. I'm thinking of giving them a try for this fall. So far though, I don't know anyone that actually has one.
  19. I have a rubber one with pheasant wings wrapped around it. Then I have a tennis ball with duck scent and a tennis ball with pheasant scent. And then I have a frizbee, and 3 canvas bumpers, but they are too big for his mouth. I also have a dokken duck, which is also to big. For teething anyway. He did all right with the tennis balls, but didn't have a lot of enthusiasm today. I left him home all day while I was working. First time I've done that now that I have a new job. He was excited for the first two throws. Then he went off and chewing on something.
  20. I've already introduced him to gunshots, I'm even to the point where I can shoot clays while he is sniffing around, doesn't bother him at all. But, when retrieving, if I shoot at all, he will stop and look at me, it distracts him from the bumper, and he won't get it. I can't do any retrieving now, he is starting to lose his puppy teeth. Yesterday, he had all the enthusiasm, but would drop the bumper right after he picked it up. He was trying, but just kept dropping it. I noticed blood on the bumper, and looked in his mouth, a tooth was missing and he was bleeding a bit. So do I stop for now? Or try to use something softer?
  21. Ha ha, not really, those pictures are the only two times he has been on furniture. He sleeps on my bed, but thats it.
  22. I've heard that even tucker's gun has done this from time to time, and I wager he takes excellent care of that thing.
  23. Tank when I first got him. Tank now, same chair for size comparison.
  24. Sweet, looks like a canvas back. Nice job dude! Heres that boat I made in 5th grade. Not to bad for 5th grade. We had some wood tools, some sand paper, and a saw. We also made one out of foam, the foam one looked better IMO, but the school kept that one.
  25. Thanks, I'm going to stick with your method, as I like it myself, and it is working great. Many people on the gun dog forum think I am hurting his potential, but opinions are opinions, and only that. Thanks
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