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  1. http://www.duckhuntingchat.com/viewtopic.php?t=19471 I saw a better DIY, but can't find it. This is something else I found, may give you an idea.
  2. Hoppes Elite is GREAT! I also use a light layer of CLP as my lubricant, works excellent.
  3. Ha ha, SHUT UP! Nah, just kiddin, ever since I hit the teen years I got pretty dense. Plus I think I've been hit in the head to many times from my brothers. lol
  4. Its very basic, even to completely pull it apart, bolt assembly and all. I didn't even need the owners manual to take it down and put it back together, but I have taken several other pumps apart and put them back together, out of all the guns I've done, BPS, 870, 835, 500, the nova is by far the easiest. I use breakfree CLP and wipe everything internal down to clean off the grit, then I put a thin layer on for lubricant. For the barrel I use a wire brush, then fold up a paper towel with a bit of CLP on it and send it down the bore once or twice. Then I use a dry one and send that one down. Good as new once I'm done. My Nova has seen some pretty brutal weather, its a work horse. After the hunt, make sure it is dry and clean and lightly lubed and it will keep on firing.
  5. I used mine all last fall, 0 rust, cycled anything I put into it, I had one problem where I ripped a shell in half inside the gun in 15 below weather, ruined a good hunt because I didn't have anything to get out. Shells fault though not the guns. I made sure the gun was dry after every hunt, and cleaned and lubed it ever couple of hunts or if I put more then 50 or so 3-1/2" goose killers. I think you will be happy with the gun.
  6. Ahh, didn't think about clicking on them. You are making it out of foam? Is that stuff really dense?
  7. Is there any way you can make those pictures bigger? I can barely make out what they are. Heres a really cool layout boat I saw on the DHT forum. http://www.duckhuntingchat.com/viewtopic.php?t=39347
  8. I believe they sandblast a gun to get the old finish off. Not really sure. I think I will just try my hand at spray painting, like this one. http://www.duckhuntingchat.com/viewtopic.php?t=36000 Its paint and not a film, so I think it would work better. Be a lot cheaper too.
  9. Fugly???? I am very anal about my guns, I HATE scratches. Yet I have to say that is a SWEET M4. You did a great job. If I ever get an M4, I think I'll have you detail it for me. The only thing that looks a little bit ugly is the top of the front pistol grip, but that is not that bad.
  10. What do you guys think about the aftermarket paint jobs vs. factory paint jobs? It seems the factory ones tend to fade, peel, or scratch easily. I can't say that's happened with my nova, but this is only its first season. Whatever shotgun I get next, I think I'm gonna get it dipped somewhere in MODB camo.
  11. Well, remington shells seem to be notorious for hard primers, but not one gun shotgun in our house, (thats over a dozen) has failed to fire any remington shells. Benelli service is the most reputible I have ever heard of, I would trust them with the gun. Send it in, wait the 4 weeks and hopefully the problem will be resolved. Also, I would not think a 3 year old gun would have different parts as a new one?
  12. The longer extended chokes on the Cordoba makes the miss-alignment less likely right? Porting is loud, but does not bother me as I'll be wearing ear plugs, to many times has that ported mossberg go off over my head and deafen me. But its not much different from any other gun going off over my head, both hurt like ****
  13. Thats good to see, this year I have seen a lot of ducks around here that I haven't seen during the last three years. I saw a pair of pintail, a pair of wigeon, TONS of woodies, usually don't see many, and a trio of canvasbacks. This fall is going to be fun!
  14. Yeah, I've heard of how loud they are. My brothers Mossberg 12 gauge is ported It'll deafen you. His 10 gauge is not ported, and is much easier on the ears. I want the 12 gauge Cordoba, so I'll have to invest in some ear plugs.
  15. I doubt it would hurt any kind of gun finish, maybe blued, but why would they make a sticker that would do that? If it is wet underneath the sticker, yes, it will corrode, if not, no it will not corrode.
  16. I think you'll like that BPS 10 gauge mud, I was amazed at the range my brother has dropped geese with federal 3-1/2" Ultra Shock T shot. With an IC choke to boot. I've seen birds die at 65 yards with that combo, and that is and underestimate. But you will not like the recoil, or weight of the gun, unless the newer models have come down on weight. My brothers is an older model, 30" barrel. That thing easily weights 12 lbs. And will knock you on your butt if you don't hold it right.
  17. Nova, no it doesn't. The stock and reciever are one piece, so it wouldn't work anyway. The Super Nova on the other hand, does come with a shim kit, and you can buy one for it. The Super Nova is the one with Comfortech and the SBE II looking trigger guard.
  18. Ohhhh, forgot to watch the Future Weapons episode this week, DARN, no DVR! I'll take a THAAD missle. Theatre High Altitude Area Defense Missle System. It will take your ICBM right out of the sky! But I said LE, as in automatic weapons, door breaching rounds, armor piercing rounds, body armor, suppressors. Some of this stuff we can have, but licenses and registry is required. BS! I don't have a problem with Nukes and large missles being in military command. As long as our government doens't continue to get more and more F'd up.
  19. Any of that surplus ammo you buy from Cabelas is Military surplus, can't be illegal can it? And it is BS that LE has rights that us 'civilians' don't. Any weapon/ammo they have, we should have the same rights to purchase.
  20. Reminds me of the movie Shooter with Mark Walberg, he shoots a .50 in the movie a few times. Its pretty cool.
  21. They are great guns. Mine can account for a few dozen doves, a few dozen ducks, a pile of rabbits, and over 100 geese. From this fall. Not one problem that had to do with the gun. I do not know about trap, it doesn't seem to have the rib that most people like, but to each his own. Good luck with your discision. They are a great gun. If I were to get one though, I would go for the SuperNova, they cost a little more, but they have a bigger trigger guard, mine is a little small when wearing gloves, and it has comfortech, which should reduce the recoil some.
  22. That was real smart of him. A few years ago, my dad, me and my brothers were at a shooting range with a guy who was shooting his 50 cal. They were shooting at a big plate of steel. The guy had a kid with him and another guy, my dad made us get behind the concrete because he knew something was gonna happen. Well the guy took a shot, and a hot piece of metal got stuck in his arm, either it was a piece of the bullet, or a piece of the steel, could have been a lot worse though. He was lucky.
  23. He is a really fast swimmer, and even steadys well already.
  24. I'm getting him to do some 30 yard retrieves in the water. Better then the 10 yards he is used to.doing well. We are working our way up. Here are a few from the other day.
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