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  1. My brothers 21" youth 870 20 gauge with a modified choke patterns better then my Charles daly 26" barrel with a modified choke. If I had to choose between the two guns for a hunt, it would be the 870 everytime.
  2. Not so good, he will get them just fine from deep water, when he has to swim, but he doesn't do well on sand bars. We were hunting a sand bar, dropped a teal, he went for it, grabbed it, came a few feet then dropped it, I had to go get it cause he wouldn't bring it to me. Then my buddy dropped a pintail hen, he went and got it, brought it about 5 yards towards me, then dropped it and started goofen off. So I'm gonna work him more with a few ducks, work him on that bar, see if he will figure it out. Looked good in the picture though. We've been working on "hold" which he does great
  3. 2 hen mergansers and a hen mallard. No drakes for some reason. Just weren't flying. The 2 mergansers were taken with one shot, never done that before, it was pretty cool. Tuck, you already know what the piece of paper is for.
  4. The supernova has a comfortech stock like a Super black eagle 2. It has the larger trigger guard like the SBE2. It has the shims of the SBE2. Basically the SBE2 in a pump version. The nova has none of that, standard trigger guard, just a stock with a rubber pad, and no stock shims.
  5. I thought those were the ones, I can pick up that same pair on gunbroker for $60. Thanks tucker
  6. Which ones fit the Nova? I want to get the Pass and Decoy pair for this fall, but not sure which ones fit my gun.
  7. I'm betting its a used SS. If not, buy it right now, and if you don't mind use, and its in good condition, buy it right now.
  8. Nice bird, darn good gun too!
  9. Call benelli, there is something wrong with your gun. This should not be happening, EVERY brand of gun has lemons, some moreso then others. I'm sure benelli will want to see the gun, and figure out the problem.
  10. The Nova is the EASIEST pump gun I have EVER cleaned, and that includes remington. Very good gun, get you one.
  11. I've been looking them up for MT, I can't hunt them in my area, even with a permit, but in some areas of MT, its a limit of 3 a day, for about a 2 month season. Dang, I think it would be awesome to bring a bird that big down.
  12. I've gotta figure out if I can shoot them here in MT. I think you have to have a permit, I've seen them flying every day, hearing them a lot too. Seen them walking a few fields. Man they are a big bird, I'd love to bring one down. Great job!
  13. HA HA HA HA HA!!!!! That made my day Tuck.
  14. Up in Alaska, we walked dirt roads in the mornings. The ones that didn't have a lot of pressure, (a lot were hunted a lot by our school buddies, it was a small town of about 300 people. We would find about a dozen on those roads. If you had a dog, we didn't at the time, you can go into the woods after them, they were all over those mountains. Sorry if that doesn't help, just talking grouse hunting brought me back.
  15. Clean off all of the rem-oil, then apply a light layer of Breakfree CLP, FP-10 or Hoppes Elite gun oil. Rem-oil is horrible, I hate that stuff. If that doesn't work, use heavier shells. Also might want to send some really heavy 3" loads through the gun also. Might need more breaking in. Whats the dram equivelent on the loads you're using right now?
  16. For your needs, I would really lean on the Cordoba. Its a clay gun with a black matte or camo finish. For duck season, all you really "need" is a 3". I use 3 for all my duck needs, I use the 3-1/2" for geese and long range duck. A 3" BB though will bring a goose down just fine out to about 50 yards, most people don't shoot past that. And if you do like to shoot them high, a hevi-shot 3" #2, even a #4 will bust them at 60 just fine, and there is no reason to shoot past that. An SBE II is the last gun I would buy if I hunted waterfowl for 3 months and clays for 9. As for the ported bar
  17. Nice grouse! I took Tank on his first hunt. I've worked him with frozen and fresh dead pigeons with gunshots, he did great in the back yard, but he didn't seem to remember that he is supposed to bring the bird to me in the field, and in his defense, the frozen and fresh dead pigeons didn't leave a mouthful of feathers like the shot doves. The two he brought to me had been dead for a while, a bit of rigomortis happening there. He marked well, very steady, went straight for the bird, but he mouthed it and pawed at it. Only brought me two out of 28. I'll be working hold with him before
  18. No, not signifigantly anyway. It all has to do with the chokes. The barrel lenth really has to do with personal preference. I like 26, my brother likes 30, another brother likes 28, my sister likes 21.
  19. It would be easier and cheaper just to trade the whole gun in and get the shorter versions. Barrels are very expensive. Find a gun shop that will accept trades, I have a scheels around here I use. You will have to pay something no matter what, but a plus side is you get the shorter barrel, AND you get a new gun. You would probably pay a good $250-$300 for a barrel. And you'll probably pay $100-$150 to trade your used gun in for a new one with a shorter barrel.
  20. This is all I have read about it. With the flight control wad it works best in open chokes, IC is the tightest I would go. http://www.duckhuntingchat.com/viewtopic.php?t=39809 http://www.duckhuntingchat.com/viewtopic.php?t=39321
  21. Every time a flock of ducks, geese, or doves comes over, I can always get my 3 rounds off before they are out of range, but that doesn't mean I hit any of them. Best I've ever done was a double, usually the third round is uneccesary or it goes into bird that needs a little extra help coming down.
  22. If you can shoot strait with it then yeah, it'll make a good dove gun. I'll be using mine for doves this year. IC and MOD choke, may use a Full if they are skittish, which has never been the case.
  23. Just thought I would let you guys know. 11 hours left. http://gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=77125409
  24. I don't see many people outgrowing a youth model gun. I'm about full grown, 5' 10", and my favorite pheasant gun is a youth model 20 gauge 870 with a 21" barrel. I hate what the gun is made of, but it points great and is lightning fast, doesn't kick hardly at all, and makes a great close range duck gun. I get my best clay scores with this gun. Its my older brother's, he is about the same size as me, and he loves that gun. My sister being smaller also loves the gun cause it fits her great. Even my 6' 3" brother whos prefered weapon is a 10-1/2 lb 10 gauge BPS with a 30" barrel likes this g
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