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  1. I figured I'd post up a few of the big game animals my family and I have shot.
  2. Heres the Muley from last year, I don't know the score's from either set of antlers. I will say, I am a very blessed guy. For the last 4 years we've had access to 12,000 acres, 650 of which are off limits to anyone but us. Thats how we got these trophys, I'll post up some of my brothers deer, and my pronghorn. Unfortunately, this is the last year we can hunt it, we moved and now we don't rent the house on it, I'm royally bumbed about that.
  3. You're way to damn old for my sister Tuck! Gun, .243 Ruger Mark II SS with a Leupold 3x9. Load, Federal 100 grain SP. This bugger is gonna look nice next to my Muley from last year. Heres a good one of me and my sister.
  4. I used the same exact shells, and I got them for $10 a box. They did great for me the other day. I like #3's or #4's better for ducks though. Just couldn't find that size.
  5. Even if it is lead, the pattern would be about the size of a small house. And even if the pellets hit the bird, wouldn't kill it unless he was using buck shot or large hevi-shot. 80-100 meters with lead would be believable, unlikely, but believable. 150-190 is not Novaking, he's in Turkey, and he is waiting until they start flapping before he shoots. So lead may be legal. I don't really know.
  6. Haydels DR-85 is the easiest call I've ever used, and you can get it for about $20 with instructional cd. Great first call. http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/templates/product/standard-item.jsp?_DARGS=/cabelas/en/common/catalog/item-link.jsp_A&_DAV=MainCatcat20712-cat20823&id=0028187228346a&navCount=2&podId=0028187&parentId=cat20823&masterpathid=&navAction=push&catalogCode=XH&rid=&parentType=index&indexId=cat20823&hasJS=true I'd pick up Primos Mastering the Art DVD. It'll show you techniques for using duck calls. Their techniques apply to just about all duck calls, from what I've seen so far. They show you what sounds to make at the right times. It'll help you a lot. https://shop.primos.com/pc-653-54-mastering-the-art-guide-to-calling-waterfowl-dvd.aspx
  7. Personally, I have used a buddies acrylic call, didn't like it. My J-frame sounds better. So does his Haydels DR-85. For ducks, cheap calls work just fine for me, got my limit the other day using my J-frame, very good high end on that call, and a good feed chatter with it, I just need to learn to do the chatter faster. Called in 8 groups, 2 groups didn't listen, kept flying, not one group liked our spread, but I got plenty of shots, and got my limit. So for duck calls, I'm gonna stick with my J-frame and I'll probably pick up a Primos single reed Over and under, I like that one too, hopefully it will be better on the low end then my J-frame, but not to worried about that. Goose calls are a different story, I prefer acrylics for that, and I'll be getting my Zink LM-1 here in a little while. Love that call.
  8. $1100-$1200 for a brand new gun, or $715 for just the barrel. I'll take the gun.
  9. I'll agree, you guys that plan on getting an APG M2 slug gun with the intent on getting a bird barrel as well, shop for another gun.
  10. I'm on their page here. It isn't worth it TO THEM. That is how business WORKS. My dad owns a business, I work for him, I know how things work, you don't support something that isn't going to make you money. For instance, we own a company that sells fishing products. One of the products, beads, which are a hot product, sell a ton. But we get a few people a year that want us to pick out the better beads of the batch, and separately package them for them. We say no, it isn't worth it to us. Do we sell less beads because of it? Nope. I see where you are coming from, you're mad because you can't get a barrel for you gun. I understand that.
  11. I'm betting 95% of people that want a slug gun and a bird gun, get one of each, instead of looking for a barrel. I just really think that benelli doesn't get enough requests for extra barrels for them to bother manufacturing them. And like Mud said, if they did, that would mean they would have to stock every barrel for every gun, in every length and every color. It isn't worth it to them, which is how business works.
  12. Maybe, they can't make enough extra barrels? The guns are flying off the shelves to fast to make "extras" for you guys that want an extra barrel. lol I don't really know, I just have yet to have a complaint with my benelli, I don't need an extra barrel, but I can pick one up right now off of gunbroker if I do want one. But my smooth bore shoots slugs just fine. So my Kool-aid taste great, yours tastes like crap so I've heard. Thats to bad. I love my benelli, its reliable, patterns great, kills animals, fits me great. I don't have a complaint.
  13. Don't need to, I blast federal true balls out of my SMOOTH BORE. Then I take that gun, and kill ducks, geese and pheasant with it. I'm sure they had spare barrels available in the past, and didn't sell enough to even worry about it. So they stopped bothering to keep extra barrels. I could pick up a slug barrel for my Nova right now, but don't need one. They sell tons of guns, and make great guns, they aren't going to worry about one dude complaining because he can't get a slug barrel, and aren't worried that your gonna start a forum or whatever bashing it, and I wouldn't either. They make to damn good of guns to worry about it.
  14. The thing about that is, as Mud mentioned, it isn't in THEIR interests. YOU, 1 in probably 1000. Wants to buy a spare barrel for his M2 in APG, so what Benelli said, is that YOU need to get YOUR gun dealer to ORDER you one. Because Benelli, DOES NOT sell direct. You should blame Cabelas for not stocking the product, it isn't Benellis fault that stores don't stock their barrels. Its like complaining to Winchester because Walmart doesn't stock their ammo. You could buy a Benelli for every species on the planet? Then buck up and buy yourself another M2 with a bird barrel. Damn, I've never seen bigger tight wads then rich guys. I know 3 dozen of them. Do you guys just look for things to whine about? I mean seriously. Send my your Benelli if you aren't happy with it.
  15. Heres a few more when we got back to the house.
  16. Got my white tail this evening. Nice evening tree stand hunt. There were many deer, one that was slightly smaller, but he had 5x5, just not as tall as this one. I was gonna shoot the one before him, but he was running, never stopped until he got to cover. Then, I watched two very small bucks fighting, and right before dark, this big boy came in and broke them up. Then I broke him up. He came running by, about 20 yards from our stand, I had the scope on 9 power and had a hard time getting him in the scope. I was able to drop it to 5 power, put it on his chest and pulled the trigger. He lurched, and ran about 30 yards and collapsed. I had put my round right through his heart. 4 out of the 6 deer I have shot have been heart shots, I'm pretty proud of that. Only one of the 6 have required more then 1 shot. Anyway, heres the deer.
  17. If you're going for pheasant with Non-tox, go with #3's or #4's at 1550. Go with Kents High velocity or Xpert HV.
  18. Ha ha! No Tuck, this was a good 20 years ago, and he wasn't shooting at his car tires. Good read though.
  19. Hit the nail on the head there Mud, I never check for obstructions either. My uncle blew up a shotgun once. He tripped while on a bear hunt right into some mud and snow, didn't check for obstructions. Tried killing something with buckshot and KaBOOM, barrel in two.
  20. Found this on DHC, just figured I'd post it here. Not sure what went wrong. Think benelli will give him a new barrel? http://www.duckhuntingchat.com/viewtopic.php?t=47319
  21. Matt, I hate you. I'm lucky to get 3 in a hunt. I've only limited out once this year, I've hunted about 14 times, a total of about 20 ducks. No geese yet, way to warm in MT. No snow, and its 9:45 PM here and its about 65* outside, nothing to bring them down here. Why are you guys getting birds?
  22. Just wondering what everyone is using for duck and goose calls. Me, I use a Quackhead single reed J-frame for my duck call, I like it, but my buddy has a haydel double reed which is an excellent call, and I'll be getting one of them and probably get rid of my J-frame. For my goose call, I have a Knight and Hale Pit boss, decent call, but not for me. I'll either be getting a Primos Grand, or a Zink Moneymaker.
  23. Ha ha, my brothers still convinced that his 28" mossberg kills better then my 26" nova because of its longer barrel. He doesn't seem to realize that his mossberg is also backbored, which greatly improve patterns. But I still kill the same amout of birds as him. I may get a few more cripples from my patterns though. Nothing that a second shot won't fix.
  24. So you're questioning killing power from the different barrel lengths? You really don't lose much velocity in shorter barrels, and if you do, the amount it nothing to worry about. It'll still kill ducks and geese. You wouldn't gain hardly any velocity from getting a 26 or 28 over your 24.
  25. I have a feeling once he gets a dozen or so birds from the water, he'll learn he is supposed to hold on to the bird whether he is standing in water or swimming. On the plus side, he is a natural when it comes to pheasant, he stays in range, nose to the ground looking for birds. Must be the weimaraner in him. His first duck he went after was a cripple, I would have shot it again before he got to it, but I sent him before it hit the water because I didn't want it to get to the fast water. Needless to say it hit the fast water, he was right on his tail and he followed it 150 yards downriver, and caught up to it, I think the only reason he didn't bring it all the way to me is because it bit him and it was probably flapping up a storm in his mouth so he dropped it. He's not used to a live bird in his mouth.
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