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  1. Can any of you trainer guys tell me why there are several people on the gundog forum that think I should not be doing any OB training right now? They keep telling me to wait until he is at least 6 months old, and that if I don't I'm hurting his potential. I should just play with him, I don't see how a 10 minute session in the morning and a 10 minute session at night is hurting his potential. Mostly its just a 10 minute session in the afternoon, I'm not getting in both sessions lately. He already has his OB down, it just needs to be sharpened. I don't feel I should stop now, what do you guys think?
  2. He is 4ish months old now..... So I guess 7 months until dove season, which was exactly how I was going to start him on hunting. 2 days ago I started adding obedience with retrieving, now, he will sit next to me, stay, watch the dummy hit, then wait for the "Tank" command, then he will get it and bring it all the way back to me, and even "Give" he is doing really well. He isn't gun shy thats for sure, I'm gonna introduce him to gunfire in the next week while retrieving with him. Does he look skinny for a puppy to you guys? Him and his sister are both that way, and I still feed him 3 times a day, 1 cup of Purina Puppy Chow per feeding. Or 2 feedings of 1-1/2 cups. Is he getting enough?
  3. Do you think I'll be able to use him this fall? For pheasant and waterfowl? What can I expect from him? You've got that right, he is still clumsy as can be, any time he tries to turn sharp while running its like his legs stop working, and he just hits the dirt and does a full summer salt. Its quite funny.
  4. You remember how big he was a month ago.
  5. This dog is getting HUGE, thats my 20# jack russel he is standing next to. He is also retreiveing like no tomarrow. 10-50 yard retrieves 2-3 times a day and I'm still leaving him with wanting more. Its great.
  6. I hope these do it for you, if not just let me know. I don't know how the heck you made that thing symmetrical. I made a boat in wood shop before I was homeschooled, the sides didn't match eachother, it was a project we were doing, everyone had to make one, then we raced them to see which design was the fastest. Mine was not even close. I'll add a picture of it later.
  7. I would expect a heavier load would allow you to hold the gun a little more loosely, but you still have to have a firm grasp on a gun to shoot it that way anyway. If I hold my 20 gauge to loosely, it will come out of my hands when shot like that. They look like they are holding the gun tight enough in that video. Notice how the gun is not kicking much? That isn't because the loads are so light, its because they have a firm grasp on it. Dooderman, I'm from the Hardin area. I've driven through Kalisbel though.
  8. Johnny witt has a point, but this is not the post for it. To all the our troops, Thank you.
  9. What snapping turtles? Nice formula, don't need it though. Give me a gun, and I'll shoot it.
  10. I've shot a standard Nova without comfortech, and an SBE II with comfortech, and I'll tell you, 1 shot out of the SBE II and I had a brused shoulder. 1 year later I got my nova, shot a couple cases out of it over the goose season, not one bruse. Perhaps I shouldered it wrong, but the SBE II kicked harder IMO. I always thought that autos would kick less, because they have the cycling of the action that I figured would tame it at least a little. And a pump just shoots, no action to go through before it hits your shoulder. I do know that gas guns are supposed kick less then pumps, so are the inertias, but not from what I've seen. BTW, I'm 16, if you are bothered by recoil, I'd go with the Xtrema 2, Sdkidaho can tell you they kick about the same as a 20 gauge even with 3-1/2 goose shells. The SBE II, do not expect a soft shooting gun.
  11. I'm not going to give you crap, you are right, but I did not say that the SBE II will not cycle them, I said it was made for killing big birds with big loads, which it is. It wasn't made for 2-3/4" shells. Break it in right, it will shoot them just fine. My uncles shoots 2-3/4", but he broke it in during goose season. I failed to mention the breaking in part, it seems everyone else covered that. Tom Knapp uses guns that are made for 2-3/4" and 3" rounds. Be it M1-M2-SS. Thats all I was saying. And even Tuck will tell you, if an intertia gun is held wrong, it WILL NOT cycle the second round properly. We hear about it often. For example, we hear about people not shouldering it right which causes a miscycle.
  12. I'm hearing more bad then I am good. Things breaking on them, not even with 500 rounds through them. I haven't heard problems from the 3" berettas, just the new Xtrema, and I'm a 3-1/2" guy. I used mostly 3" last year for geese and ducks, but I like having the option of the 3-1/2" shells. The recoil pad problem, haven't heard enough about it to worry, and I hear way to many good things about Benelli's CS to worry to much about it.
  13. Sorry, didn't catch that. I've been camping.
  14. Sweet! Looks like a good varmit and deer setup. Why don't you send that over to MT to so I can take a closer look?
  15. Okay, but whats wrong with the swap?
  16. Looks cool. What exactly are you making though? Mini wooden cars shaped like animals?
  17. Why is it the SBE II can get knocked out of battery from a bump, but you don't hear about gas guns doing this? What mechanizm prevents this, and why doesn't the SBE II have it?
  18. NIB M1014 For sale on Shotgunworld.com For $1300 shipped. http://www.shotgunworld.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?t=108592
  19. Well, he is already in Austins gut, and he cooked it good, but he is a billy goat anyway. I picked at the scabs and washed my hands, I think they are from fighting or getting shot at. No ill effects on either of us so far. I'll keep you posted I guess.
  20. If it was hit with DC, then it would have died right there. I guess it was hit with them mini BB's you elitist use.
  21. My brother is 6' 3" and the bird looks pretty big, but it really isn't.
  22. My brother got this today, it is the last day of spring Turkey season. He got this one with a bow, stalk hunted him. There was 4 total, 3 gobblers and a hen. This was the second biggest in the group, one was a few pounds heavier, and looked like he had a bigger beard. I saw the group from the house, watched them through the binoculars while my brother got ready. He went into the woods about 200 yards from the spot they entered, and stalked them. Came out a while later with this guy. I'd say he was about 12-15 pounds, not a very big bird, but he had a 3/4" worn down spur, and a very small 1/4" spur that looked new not worn down, and a 9" beard. Something to look at is his head, it was full of scabs or something, mine had a perfect head, not even a scratch. Look for yourself.
  23. http://www.benelliusa.com Take your pick, any one of them can be a trap gun. The Super Sport 1 and 2 would make excellent trap guns, so would the cordoba.
  24. M4 benelli? Or an M4 Carbine? If you are thinking of going with a M4 Benelli, get one, it will be awesome protection against a bear, and it would be great as a turkey gun with the right choke/shell combination. Plus it comes with the ghost ring sights, those would be helpful.
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