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  1. A lot of people are under that impression, but I've yet to see any evidence that this is the case. As far as I know, an NFA firearm is still subject to import compliance laws ... Supposing it matters. Nobody has proven this issue one way or the other. BAFTE probably doesn't know.
  2. Can't expect me to remember anything, can you?
  3. Are you a legal resident of the United States? Here are the rules: http://www.benelliusa.com/assets/pdf/Vinci_Challenge.pdf Second sentence: "This challenge is open only to natural persons (i.e., not corporate or business entities) who, at the time of entry, are legal residents of the United States, and who are 18 years of age or older at the time of entry." I'm sure that you can still take part and send in a video, but if you aren't a legal resident you won't win anything. And you've still got the little issue of finding a Vinci to work with. If you can't get your hands on a Vinci, I think this is all academic. Though there is "no purchase necessary to win," you're still going to have to make a video of yourself disasembling and reassembling a Vinci to enter.
  4. Pics or it didn't happen. Seriously though: Pics.
  5. Interesting that they're using the heavier Magpul PRS rather than lighter options. I suppose they want the carbines heavier in the rear so they are more quick to manuever ... ?
  6. LeoAtrox

    New Member

    Welcome. Did you bring a dish for the potluck?
  7. I'm glad we'll get compliance for a skeleton stock with just the hammer, forearm, magazine, and follower. $49 bucks over what I've already put into the M4 will make it a steal. ~$250 for the full fire control group seems reasonable too. Of course, the term "Benelli sponsored distribution channels" causes some worry. I'm hoping that doesn't exclude a lot of retail outlets commonly used (Brownell's, etc.). I don't really care about all the logistics, so long as the product can make it into my hands without unreasonable delays, additional costs, and "LE/military only" hoops.
  8. Priceless. I'm glad the news is out, and it wasn't leaked to the world before its time. Now we can get excited.
  9. I'd like to remind all that the matte titanium finish is totally flat. There is no shine. So from a practical standpoint, the bolt knobs currently available will do just fine for you. Wait for black if that's your preference; but if you don't care about "color," you shouldn't hesistate to order what carriercomp already has available. It may not be black, but but the current knob is effectively as "tactical" as any other would be.
  10. Got my charging handle last night. Muted tone is GTG; totally non-reflective. I like the diameter of the charging handle. I would have preferred it to be the length of the FFT charging handle to make it a bit easier to manipulate with the left hand, but I'm not complaining. That's just my preference, and I believe the durability of the steel tang outweighs that shortcoming.
  11. Looks like that's the Celtic Mist bolt release. It's a pad with a pre-tapped stock bolt-release button, so you don't have to do anything but drive a pin and screw the pad to the button. The image shown seems to make it look as though the pad is attached some other way than being scrwed to the button though, so maybe it's just a look-alike and not the CM model ... ... Anyhow, if that is the CM bolt release, I've got it. It probably isn't as good as the GGG--which I don't have first-hand experience with--because it can rotate if it isn't torqued down enough; but it is functional and I've got no complaints. Given the price difference and my financial situation, I'd still by the Celtic Mist one over the GGG.
  12. Kip has passed the project off to a well-established third party. No ETA for parts.
  13. LeoAtrox


    Magpul? Way to confuse the issue, S33. No, Magpul does not make a Benelli M4 forearm. They make them for the Colt M4 (and other AR-based firearms) ... Maybe Super33 was just covering the bases since "Benelli M4" was not specified.
  14. We shall see. The Army is soliciting for a replacement again.
  15. Yeah, there are better civilian options out there that the military won't adopt because they're too expensive. But civilians can buy the good stuff, like EXO coated internals to reduce friction and carbon fouling, and piston retrofit kits. I can understand why the M4's give you the fewest issues. The carbines operate at higher pressures than rifles, so carbon fouling isn't an issue as early as it is with the M16's. That said, I spent my time in the Marine Corps with only one failure to feed during that time. Of course, we Marines clean and lube our rifles whenever we have down time; we don't run them dirty if we can help it. I think that the AR platform has improved; but I can understand how you reached your opinion. Still, I think the positives of the AR platform outweigh the negatives--especially when we see civilian AR's running thousands of rounds without cleaning--so its still my system of choice.
  16. It is possible, but I wouldn't count on it. Benelli didn't do the engineering on this one. Baretta designed the firearm for military use. When they didn't get any significant buys, the design was mothballed. Benelli eventually picked it up and "sporterized" it. They could do a 6.8 SPC version, but the MR1 market is already fairly small; I don't see them putting an engineer on making variants. Of course, sometimes I have no idea why gunmakers do the things they do. So what's your beef with the AR platform?
  17. 922r becomes an issue (from a legal standpoint) as soon as you make any modification to an imported firearm. It doesn't matter if the "countable" parts count goes up or down. If that parts count is over 10, the firearm is in violation of the law. The only 922r-compliant configuration with a "countable" parts count over 10 is the configuration (or configurations) that was approved by BAFTE for that specific model number. As for the number of parts: If you take the OEM pistol grip stock (1 part) off and replace it with the imported skeleton stock (2 parts) then, yes, the "countable" parts count increases from 13 to 14. You would then need to replace 4 other "countable" parts with US-made compliance parts. I, like others here, am not aware of any mass-produced parts that will get you in compliance to use the skeleton stock at this point. Magazines, followers, and forearms are available to replace 3 parts; but a fourth part is elusive. Some have gained compliance by having pistons or fire control components custom made, but nobody is willing to stake their reputation (or lives) on parts that haven't gone through the proper safety testing and certification process. I'm eager to find out who Kip pushed his fire control parts project off on. I've got a skeleton stock sitting on a counter waiting to be installed. (Yes, although 922r is stupid, I am compliant with the law.) ETA: The parts count I have is based on general knowledge, not first-hand information from BAFTE. Do not misconstrue what I'm saying as legal advice; it is not intended to be such.
  18. If the law was that you just couldn't increase the import parts, it would make more sense; but this isn't the case. (Frankly, if 922r was to make any sense, it would have to be stricken from law altogether.) If you alter the firearm from its BAFTE-approved importable condition, it must have the total "countable" imported parts down to 10 or fewer. Reducing the parts count from 13 to 12 is still a violation of the law.
  19. Ordered mine. I'm sure the muted titanium will be fine. (I'm not going for "stealth" here.) If I really want it to turn black, I'll coat it myself. Not a huge deal.
  20. I too would like a source, although the statement seems self-evident. There are always negative reports. And, if a soldier or Marine doesn't take proper care of the firearm, sand could work its way back in that buffer tube/recoil guide rod build up, and cause the system to seize. Nothing is perfect.
  21. LeoAtrox

    Side armor

    For the short rail, it's not going to be an issue. If you are getting the long rail which has a length that extends to the end of the forearm, you may want to get the channel. Just my $.02.
  22. Oh, now I remember. Mine is Celtic Mist Machine ... Or something like that (definitely CMM). I would love to have a GG&G one, but mine works and I'm not going to spend a lot of money to fix what ain't broke.
  23. I think FFT did make a bolt release ... I could have sworn that's where I got mine. The only issue with it is that the pad can rotate if it isn't torqued properly into the button. Maybe it wasn't FFT, but I don't recall buying it somewhere else.
  24. LeoAtrox


    XDm fits my hands better. The M&P Pro series pistols have fantastic triggers, so I won't disparage them; the grip just didn't feel right to me. Ultimately, you're going to feel good about the pistol as long as it is reliable, accurate (enough) and comfortable to shoot. You're not going to shoot it if it isn't comfortable to do so, so just pick what feels right to you.
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