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  1. Very inexpensive. Not a bad find there. I'm sure you could do similar with stuff found at the local Mega Mart; but if you don't have a sewing machine, $5 ain't a bad price to add this capability to your firearm.
  2. Full choke with slugs huh? Well, if you do try it, let us know if you're still alive and which slugs you used. (Be safe. Some ammo manufacturers will say its fine to shoot their slugs through a full choke; others will strongly advise against doing so.)
  3. I love that four-point muzzle break. It looks like it could be really painful. If I'm going to get a "tactical" choke, I want solid pain-compliance capability from it. I want it to cause pain, not just be felt. This I want ... Christmas is nearly upon us.
  4. Oh, but we are WAAAY off topic. OP was looking for a gun for "wing shooting" ... The Army's standard shotgun is the M1014, as it is for all other US military branches. That they still have need for a large quantity of pump shotguns speaks more to the versatility requirements of the Army, than the gun's suitability as a fowling piece versus an autoloader. Ultimately, the preferences of military/police units has little relevance to the preferences of bird hunters. (Most Special Forces units rock the pumps for their better reliability, compactness, and reduced weight; not for their hunting capabilities.)
  5. Manual refers to the M1014 JFS, not the Benelli M4 Tactical. There is a slight difference between the M1014 JFS that the Marine Corps purchased and current-production M4 Tacticals. My understanding is that slight modification would have to be made to newer M4 Tacticals to "float" a round on the elevator. I think there was a thread showing how to do that, but I haven't done it myself. As far as I know, the rail that is on a civilian M4 Tactical is the same as what is on the M1014 JFS. Also, since I'm in "a mood" and being nit-picky--not your fault; someone just made me do work today--the "M4" is a carbine based on the Stoner AR rifle system. The "M4 Tactical" is a 12-ga. autoloading shotgun from Benelli.
  6. Personally, I don't think any one blade will do everything. I would need to carry two (and would prefer a third--a folder--as a handy backup). Sticking to the fixed blades: 1 knife is for fighting exclusvely. Something like a Besh wedge dagger. It doesn't need to be utilitarian; it's just something for fighting if a situation ever devolves into a knife fight. 1 knife is for all other purposes. This would be large and extremely durable. Probably a tanto--if not a chisel tip--that is long and heavy at the end (for chopping). Still combat-ready if it needs to be used as such; but its primary duty would be chopping, sawing, prying, and cutting inanimates. I have no personal recommendation as far as brand or model. To tell you the truth, I was designing my own to be made by a custom shop. Like some others here, I do tend to lean towards the smaller custom makers that are trusted by SpecOps Marines, soldiers, and SEaLs. They're pricey, but that's where you find the really purpose-designed blades with top-quality materials. If my choice of knives doesn't clearly illustrate, I don't like extra-pointy knives. (Seriously, Besh wedge dagger ...) I'm not hard on my knives, but those tips still break. I don't like broken stuff. If I'm spending $300+ on a knife, it better last until I'm in the grave ... And I better not be in the grave because it didn't last.
  7. I'm just thankful that the design variant is from an earlier product catalog, and that it may not have ever been produced and sold with this setup. Not that this setup isn't superior; but I hate it when manufacturers produce variants that cause aftermarket equipment incompatibilities.
  8. You guys are right. It looks like the ring behind the sling attachment (the one on the barrel that slides over the magazine) is shorter in these photos than it is on the M4's we've seen the the past. Notice the flat section above the new new sling mount ... That appears to extend to the length that we're used to seeing; but what should be below it has been cut away.
  9. Would any of you care to illustrate the "right" way to use the C-stock? Aside from what KB posted, in which the Marine's head is up and he has no cheekweld whatsoever. (I reckon his cheek goes down to that point when he puts his eye behind the sights.) Frankly, as a Marine, I've got to say that we're pretty much all right up on the rear sight when we aim. That's just the way I was taught, and it's pretty common among other Marines as well. (That's why we got Gasbuster charging handles for our M16's. Our noses often touch the charging handles.) We keep our eye 2-to-4 inches from the rear aperture. With the C-stock, that means putting your cheek up on the point of the stock. So if that's wrong. What's right?
  10. LeoAtrox

    Urbino Stock

    Half price? I can wait, and there's no reason not to get the Limbsaver/riser one now!
  11. He's a good thing for everyone who values his/her right to self-defense. Ted doesn't care if it's a gun, a knife, or a shillelagh. If it gives you the ability to save your own life, Ted wants you to have it.
  12. Beretta Holding, S.p.A. owns: Fabbrica D'Armi Pietro Beretta S.p.A. Beretta USA Benelli Armi Spa Franchi Spa A. Uberti Spa SAKO Finland Stoeger Silah Sanayi A.S. Stoeger Industries Burris Company And all their subsidiaries. Wiki confirms, but isn't a reliable source. So how about SAKO finland: http://www.sako.fi/berettagroup.php The companies are generally managed independently, but they most certainly are "related".
  13. I have one. It is "fine" ... One of the better ones on the market right now. I think its diameter is a little bit too large for me, but it's better than the stock handle for sure. (I'd like a charging handle shaped like the GGG or FFT but slightly smaller in diameter and maybe 25% shorter.)
  14. It is posted to Facebook, so it probably has the default "friends of friends" permissions set on it. She'll need to open the security on that photo up to "everyone" in order for folks here to see it.
  15. Ahem ... www.theZombieShoot.com Got an event going on in Waterman, IL, October 23 ... It'll be a lot of fun.
  16. Prototypes were fielded by several law enforcement officers. So there's an off chance that someone on this forum has used an Urbino already. Not likely to be the case; but it is possible.
  17. If you do it, report back how that works. I think it would be too far back to mount a light--that too much of the light would be disrupted by the barrel and magazine, casting a large shadow.
  18. Typical of a new(er) firearm. The manufacturer focuses on getting firearms out as fast as possible and opts not to over-produce accessories and swappable components. This leaves early adopters--typically a company's most loyal and enthusiastic costumers--out in the cold when it comes to customization. Its bad business, but it happens all the time.
  19. A weak spring could case function problems, but it could also result in the problem he has described. A weak spring offers less resistance to the recoil, which may reduce the amount of energy absorbed by the spring before it "bottoms out"; all resulting in more harsh felt recoil. What the spring doesn't absorb, the shoulder will.
  20. If you live in a state that will let you have one.
  21. Well I might just have to cancel my 2-month-old gone-into-purgatory-and-might-never-be-fulfilled Botach order and order one of these.
  22. Holy smokes brother. That's some hard core breakage. God bless you on your road to recovery.
  23. LeoAtrox

    HK Handguns

    Been looking for a .45 myself. The USP and other HK's just felt too large for my lovely hands. So I got my hands on an M&P-45 and an XDm-45. XDm-45 won the fit test for me. It's nice that it has the highest capacity too. I can't say anything bad about HK's. They're just too large for me to grip comfortably. If you can fit one in your mitt comfortably Hookster, more power to you chum.
  24. You can search the forums to find the answer to 922r questions ... If you really want to. Sometimes it is better to not know. ;-)
  25. I once did a little test by placing paper over the rail on my M4; and I had no problem finding and lining up the front sight. However, that was just the standard-length rail. I did not consider the effect of an non-channeled rail the length of the Sidearmor rail ... I'd like to see that too.
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