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  1. LeoAtrox

    Top Shot

    This video is a Season 2 rundown, when they used the M2. They won't post the weapons rundown for the new episode until the episode airs.
  2. Sweet. FINALLY a barrel mounted platform. But, uh, why just Streamlight M3 and M6? And where's a photo of it installed? I'm trying to figure out where I'd put that clamp so it is out of the way ... And how I would get it on the barrel in the first place. I mean, I figured that any solution would have to be a two-part mount just so that it could get past the front sight.
  3. I'm not saying whether or not you should or should not care about 922r compliance, but ... Why would establishing a trust exempt you from 922r compliance? Not even registration as an NFA weapon will exempt you, so I'm not sure why handing over ownership to a trust would do so. (If anything, wouldn't it make all members of the trust complicit?) Please elaborate on this point, as I am very curious and haven't ever spoken with a trust lawyer.
  4. I think the assumption is that it's collapsible. If it cannot collapse, then yes, I think it is legal.
  5. LeoAtrox

    My New Love!

    Love the field stock on that. I must admit to wanting a shotgun with a traditional stock like that.
  6. There is technically no such thing as overkill. ;-)
  7. -M4 Entry is a short-barreled version. I don't know the exact length, but Wikipedia says its 14". Skeleton stock w/ three-position recoil tube. Benelli USA only sells these to Law Enforcement and military, but they can be occasionally be found on the second-hand market. -M4 Tactical is the standard civilian model found at most Benelli retailers, with the 18.5" barrel threaded for replaceable chokes, short magazine with plug extension, and a pistol grip stock. (There have been several variants of this model.) -M1014 is the more "collectible" version. It's got the flag on the receiver and 18.5" barrel. (There have also been several variants of this model.) ETA: I think these are the three that are/were sold in the US. I wouldn't be suprised if a few more M4 Super 90 variants had been released in Europe. There are a few (hard to find) accessories out there that make me think there's got to be another model or two out there across the pond.
  8. The Super 90 is not a singular model. "Super 90" is a line of shotguns consisting of the M1, M2, M3, M4. The Benelli M4 Super 90, specifically, is no different than other M4's. Benelli USA just doesn't market the M4 as "Super 90" in the US. There are several variants of the M4 Super 90, which include the M4 Entry, M4 Tactical, and M1014.
  9. Honestly, I just run the OEM-ish FFL forearm. I use an AFG on one of my carbines (my "toy" gun that has tons of bells and whistles but which isn't my "go-to" gun) and I just don't feel like I can get enough pull into my shoulder from it. I feel like it cants the firearm a bit as well. I have an easier time just pulling back on the standard forearm. If you've got bigger hands than me, you'll probbly like the AFG more. Otherwise, I might suggest a subby grip or a hand stop if you just need something for indexing or a little pull.
  10. 1) Good points. Along with other considerations, one should certainly consider when and how a laser aiming device would be employed in certain situations before deciding whether or not to buy one. (I do, and I don't have any lasers ...) 2) I never suggested that someone should RELY on a laser's (or anything else's) intimdation factor to avoid a fight. That certainly would be flawed logic. (Some fights just can't be avoided.) That said, intimidation CAN play a role, and considering as many potential cause/effect scenarios is always wise. It doesn't hurt to give it some consideration. It might help in some cases, but certainly not all. Is it worth the cost in cash, space, and weight? Only the man holding the cash can make that determination.
  11. Yes. Normal. There is a detent in there. If you twist it with enough force, the detent will depress and allow the charging handle to turn (1/3 turn at a time) but not spin freely.
  12. Some folks don't want a laser, that's fine. Some do. Two points on the usefulness of lasers (or lacktherof, if you're so inclinded to believe): 1) Don't knock intimidation. The "Rebel Yell" had an effect on Union soldiers during the Civil war; many turned tail and ran when confronted with a mass of screaming Rebel bodies. We still teach and utilize a "war cry" in the US Marine Corps for intimidation. We continue to issue and train with bayonets for intimidation. In Iraq, 2003 or 2004 I think, an outnumbered and cut off British platoon low on ammunition fixed bayonets and charged their numerically-superior Iraqi/insurgent enemies ... And routed them. Not a single Brit was killed. Most of the insurgents turned tail and ran, and a half-dozen or so received pointed "thank you's" for sticking around. Two months ago, a private citizen (from another forum) reported confronting a person attempting to "gain access" to a neighbor's home (and daughter) and trained his carbine on him. The perpetrator continued to try to work his way inside and eventually turned towards the man with the carbine. (It was dark, so he probably only saw the light on the carbine and may not have known it was a firearm.) When the man turned on his little laser, the perp stopped dead in his tracks and wimpered "don't shoot me" (or it might have been "don't tase me," I read this some time ago) until Police arrived. He's still alive today because of that laser. Intimidation works; don't knock it. 2) If you cannot shoulder your boomstick for whatever reason (confined space, injury, need to remain behind cover) a laser will help you aim that thing when you cannot line up the sights. As we all know, you still have to aim a shotgun. It's not going to reliably put little lead/steel balls in a bad guy by pulling the trigger while it is pointed in the general direction. You might get lucky and get the BG, or you might get dead. I haven't got a laser, but I see what they're good for. We have to weigh our perceived value of the device against other factors to determine if they are right for each of us. Some just aren't going to go for it, and that's fine.
  13. Logic and politics rarely meet. I think this was more of an economic decision that was billed by some as gun control. It may have been more about making US-manufactured firearms more attractive in the US than import firearms (which are often cheaper). The really sad thing ist that Benelli could set up a machine to produce 1 part (the receiver) in the US, and the whole thing would be a US firearm and not subject to any 922® compliance issues. They could assemble the thing in the US, and it woudln't cost them much (relatively speaking) in finances or Italian labor to set this up. For some reason, they just don't want to do it. They make good money already I guess, and they seem to have little desire to make more off of the US "tactical" market. Not suprising really ... We don't seem to get much support from European companies in that area. Europeans make "tactical" firearms for Law Enforcement and military, and generally don't believe that private citizens should be as well equipped.
  14. I do it on a target. It would be difficult (though not impossible) to get a decent zero if you're just working with the irons, especially with Benelli shotguns that have sights very low and close to the barrel. If the red-dot has some sort of BDC reticle, the user manual will specify zero range. If not, I just zero it at a distance that will give you the least vertical deviation for the ranges that you intend to shoot at.
  15. You don't NEED a laser on anything. But you also needn't insult people for wanting to be able to get the shotgun on target faster. Even the best can appreciate a little help under stress and in poor light ... Or wounded. Tact and respect, folks. You don't have to be nice to each other, but you don't get respect unless you show respect. And if you're going to represent your service in a discussion forum, take that into consideration. You might enjoy the anonymity of the Internet, but your service does not. How you interact with others will inform their opinions of your service, and of this country. (This might be a BenelliUSA forum, but there are extranationals trolling around here as well.)
  16. I had the snap ring with hooks rather than holes, and I did not have the appropriate snap ring pliers. Still, I managed to get the snap ring off with another snap-ring plier set (replaceable prongs, ugh ...) and replace the hammer. Getting it back on was a much more challenging project. I got it back on, but I'd like to rotate it so both ends fall into the channel flats. One is in, and one is slightly out. Without the apprpriate snap ring pliers, I'm not able to open the ring enough to rotate it. I'm confident that it won't slip when fired, but I'd still like to get it turned properly. No range report. Haven't gotten it out to shoot. Will do so this weekend.
  17. How many additional parts will be offered once the Geissele FCG is released? Kip might have been including those parts.
  18. Thats one part Agreed. I have never seen a BATFE letter or ruling that lists the gas piston count on the M4 as two (and I never want to, so please don't go out looking for a letter that will make people feel like criminals). The two pistons have always counted as one part in all the BATFE letters I've read. The 15-part count quoted was a forum member's count, and was not sourced from any BATFE letter or ruling. The 14 part count from BATFE was solid enough--based on direct communication with the ATF--for Freedom Fighter Tactical to feel comfortable publishing this number on their web site here: http://freedomfightertactical.com/922r-faq/ As a parts manufacturer, it is reasonable to assume that they have some amount of research to ensure legal compliance, and to ensure that they do not facilitate criminal activity; and, indeed, the FAQ confirms that they have. A parts manufacturer's FAQ doesn't carry the weight of law, but it's good enough for me to make an "educated decision."
  19. Good looking kit. I'm not about to pop for a new stock set right now, but it is tempting.
  20. Just placed my order for one. ETA: I signed up for notification but never got an e-mail confirmation or a notification last night (no waiting list number). Doesn't matter. I'll get it when I get it.
  21. Yes. Thank you for the tutorial. Now I know what I'm getting myself into, and it's not particularly intimidating.
  22. Personally, I'd be far more interested in a mounting solution that clamps to the barrel and that is low-profile enough that it does not interfere with field-stripping the Benelli M4 without tools. I should be able to install/remove the barrel without removing the mount.
  23. Sorry. All I can think of is a sleeping pad cut-out and 100mph tape. ('Cause that's the way we'd do it in the Corps.)
  24. The down-and-dirty truth about parallax-free prismatic non-magnified optics: Cheekweld isn't a requirement. While it helps tremendously for medium to long-rang shots--to ensure that the firearm is held steady--the type of sight does not require alignment to ensure precise hits on a target. ETA: If your optic isn't parallax-free and/or if it is magnified, you'd still need some form of cheekweld. I can't see the photo to tell what Chuck has because I'm behind a proxy server.
  25. I find it very difficult to use the irons with the stock in the intermediate position. It is perfect for a mounted optic, and I can use the irons in a pinch ... But that intermediate position is definitely not conducive to a good posture with iron sites.
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