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  1. ???? I'm going to go out on a limb and say that hk2k meant 'it's just a part, so it's ok to ship it to CA, but it is illegal to install it in CA'...
  2. I hear the ProMag ones are really wunnerful.... http://www.promagindustries.com/product-p/pm253.htm
  3. +1 ...the garbage that Marlin had on display @ the SHOT show a few weeks ago looked like some of the poorer machined / finished SKS's I've owned over the years...you could literally see daylight between the wood and metal in places....pitiful.
  4. I've never handled DMW's products, but the spelling errors and lack of attention to detail on their website is a little worrisome..."correct lenght spring"..."Benilli" (in the title bar @ the top)..."1 Peice M4.."..."instalation"..."Deep sevrations at the propper angle"...and on and on...SMH.. ..also, if the website pics are accurate, it is pretty clear that the profile of their extension is substantially different than the factory part.
  5. It may be worth noting that SD's last pic is of the FFT hammer and trigger..
  6. There should be little to no heat transfer from the barrel to the mag tube (which is really the only place that heat could come from)...many manufacturers use wooden or plastic plugs...Benelli's are usually red plastic...no need for aluminum.
  7. ...so just stick a plug in the extension that butts up against the spring retainer.
  8. OK...I stand corrected. Since the FFT is apparently on back order too, and they cost more, it's a no-brainer...get the CarrierComp.
  9. I agree - as most anyone will who has seen both products - that the carriercomp tube has better finish than the FFT, although there is certainly no problem with the FFT tubes. They function perfectly and are decently finished, just not as well as CC. The downside is, if you order a FFT you will get it in 3 - 5 days...order a CC and you'll likely wait 2 months or more. You know what they say about 'good things..'...I'm waiting on one myself that I ordered in early Dec.
  10. The full length tube is more difficult to install (..still not hard) but it counts towards 922 compliance (assuming it is US made, as the 2 I have talked about are), whereas the extension does not. FL tube is a little more expensive. The extension is easily removable to go back to the factory configuration, although I'm not sure why anyone would want to.. There are *MANY* threads on this forum about the subjects of extensions, full length tubes and 922r
  11. ..between the 2 what? Extension and full length or FFT and CarrierComp? (i know...the answer will be 'yes')..LOL
  12. The FFT extension is virtually identical to the Benelli factory. I will also say what others will, forget the extension and get the full length tube..Carrier Comp or FFT are both well made products.
  13. http://freedomfightertactical.com/products-page/2-round-extension-tubes/ http://freedomfightertactical.com/products-page/tactical-charging-handles/
  14. A website can say anything...there is a reason all of the 922 parts are clearly and indelibly marked US, Made in USA, etc. That is the standard that has to be met. ProMag product is not marked as such. They know it would be to their advantage to mark it that way to eliminate ambiguity, yet they don't. Why? because the Chinese manufactured, US assembled parts do not clearly meet the legal requirement. Period.
  15. My approach for removing the flexible ring was similar StrangerDanger's although I just used 5/32 or so drill bit to drill a small 'indentation' in the race that the ring rides in that is slightly wider than the race itself, then rotated the ring so that you can insert an awl or similar sharp pointed device into the indentation beside the ring, push it under the ring and pry it out. Hopefully, you can see from the pic that the 'indentation' is inconsequential and almost not even noticeable. [ATTACH=CONFIG]1923[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]1924[/ATTACH]
  16. ..per my 'take-off' parts list: 1 x factory stock (standard, pg, non-collapsible) - $100
  17. Lugie: Post another pic of your gun without the stock on it..just of the whole recoil tube and where it meets the receiver...looks like it *could* be rotated to an incorrect orientation, which could cause an issue similar to the one your have described..
  18. Thanks SD for confirming what I have posted numerous times... ..and the 'bowing' is normal and by design, as stated in the documentation that comes with them. Helps them fit tighter.
  19. Thanks all...good to hear...I don't mind the wait, glad to know they are still producing given the political climate..
  20. Having placed an order with CarrierComp in mid-December, I recently emailed and called about status. So far, no respose to email and the voice mail box is 'full and no longer accepting messages'. Anyone heard from or talked to Kip or Marci recently? ...yes BigHat, I know...
  21. As far as steel handles go, I can recommend the FFT 1/2"..well machined, good fit and finish.
  22. Not decked out like yours...and no bids yet..but if recent auctions are any indication, it will sell... http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=326716913
  23. Here is a side-by-side comparision with Zeke's Promag c-stock and one of my factory c-stocks...his picture is better than mine, but the difference is clearly visible. What is immediately apparent to the eye is that the Promag unit is cast and the factory unit is machined. The 'defects' I mentioned previously are easy to see in Zeke's pic. The finish is clearly different, as well. The finish difference *may* be negligible, but IMO, the cast vs. machined part is not. Not saying there's anything necessarily wrong with the Promag, just that it is different...whether that amounts to anything i
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