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  1. I talked to ProMag today @ SHOT Show, specifically about the M4 c-stock set - and finally got to see one for myself. I asked about where the components ("of foreign and domestic manufacture") were made - as it pertained to 922r compliance - I got what I considered a 'run around' answer, which started out as 'It *is* 922 compliant', then, 'the butt pad and cheek riser are molded in China by Brookshire Tool & Mfg Co, but the rest is made in Kalifornia and assembled there' ...I think to get a conclusive answer regarding 922 compliance, someone will have to write the BATFE and get a written r
  2. LMAO....How about it H&K2000...you think those are 'too steep'?
  3. The magic 8 ball says: Let GunBroker be your guide!!
  4. Portuguese is the language spoken in Brazil..
  5. They are not the same. The M4 forends have a very slight (about 3/32" or so) notch on the receiver end to accomodate the barrel ring, the M1014 is tapered toward the receiver and does not have those notches. To say the same thing another way, I'll quote Unobtanium, as follows: The M1014 does not have the "barrel ring" near the receiver. The M4S90 does.To accommodate this, the part of the hand-guard nearest the receiver will have two very very tiny relief cuts to accommodate the barrel ring for the M4S90 model.The M1014 will not have these cuts.
  6. Great job SD...I've referred several people to your previous posts about this process, but this one is even better!!! Thanks. ..I noticed you didn't get into part #183J ...the dreaded 'flexible ring'... I have some 'tips' for removal, but it takes some explaning and pics to make clear, I may try to put that together to 'compliment' your already great thread..
  7. http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=325660707 LMAO...and *NO* NOT MINE!!!
  8. Last ban (1994 Brady Bill) included shotguns that held over 5 rounds. (I hope Kip is filling orders FAST!!!) Chances are that any new 'ban' will be at least as strict as that.
  9. http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=323044136 NOT MINE!!!
  10. LOL...very *politely* put....sucker.
  11. Had good luck with CMMG 22 conversion kits, they run well. Freedom Fighter Tactical & CarrierComp both make first rate larger charging handles for the M4 although workmanship on CarrierComp is better...assuming you're talking about a Benelli here, not the AR carbine...
  12. ...for substantially less than what you'll find a factory H2O for...last 2 on GunBroker went for north of $3400!! http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=319773233 http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=318735352
  13. Sounds like you're in business Tlon...grip is en route.
  14. Just for clarification, they are recoil tubes only, not assemblies - you have to use your spring, plunger, etc. I have personally replaced 2 recoil tubes on M1014's and using a heat gun works perfectly. Basically the same procedure as swapping the magazine tube, it just takes a longer application of heat - to about 375 - 400 degrees. I believe StrangerDanger has excellent posts on this forum about both procedures with pics, etc. I know there are some here that will debate what I am saying, but I speak from experience, as does StrangerDanger...and he will tell you basically the same thing I
  15. Check out Elzetta..made in USA...comparable quality to the better known names: http://www.elzetta.com/
  16. I have some 'take-off' and leftover parts from the M4's / M1014's I've owned and 'upgraded'. Here is a list: (All are in new to excellent condition.) 1 x KZ USA M4 Quad rail system (USA made, 922r compliance part) - $75 2 x new Freedom Fighter Tactical hammers (USA made, 922r compliance part) - $40 ea 2 x new Freedom Fighter Tactical followers (USA made, 922r compliance part) - $15 ea 1 x FAB Defense BM-4 Polymer quad rail forend - $25 4 x 5 round factory magazine tubes - $40 ea 2 x factory hammers - $20 ea 2 x factory followers - $10 ea 1 x factory magazine limiter - $2
  17. +1 I have 2 FFT forends - purchased in the last year - both are as good or better fit and finish than OEM.
  18. So maybe get a full length tube and fill X number of inches of the end with ....epxoy? and let it set up...that may be easier said than done, but would it serve the purpose?
  19. PM me if you are interested in a factory +2 extension tube for cheap...relatively speaking!!!
  20. There are usually always quite a few 'run of the mill' M4's, but M1014's and H2O's don't come up very often...once every few weeks, if that.
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