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  1. As far as the 1014 is concerned, I'm not sure they do...having 'M1014' in the title would definitely draw more attention - not to mention be more accurate. Also, some of the verbage is 'questionable'...i.e. "9 Rounds - 7 Rounds in the Magazine, One in the choke and One Floats on the Feed Ramp"
  2. There is an H2O and a M1014 (although not listed as such) on GunBroker right now...and *NO* neither of them belong to me. H2O http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=308039509 M1014 http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=307990850
  3. I reload various pistol & rifle cartridges - virtually every caliber I own from 9mm to .458Win Mag - as well as 12ga. I have a Rockchucker and a Pacific progressive shotgun press.
  4. This sounds familiar for some reason...a lot like a previous post: "OK guys, need a little help here. I've been trying to figure out 922r compliance standard and I must admit, I get confoozed."
  5. Sounds like a distinctly Russian theme ...SKS, AK-47, etc
  6. Amazing performance...even with the speed mods I just can't get my PA28 to do that...LOL...but I digress.
  7. I have 2 sets of these and the fit and finish is as good or better than the factory forend. Very tight fit, no pops, squeaks, rattles, etc.. Finish is nearly identical to factory. Both sets were purchased in the last year.
  8. That CTG on the target (at around 5:00) is very revealing...watch it jump over to the left as you fire...as a right handed shooter, you are 'pushing' the trigger. Obviously the laser exaggerates the motion, but it makes it plain as day. The video also demonstrates how much more difficult lasers are to aim precisely than people think. Still plenty sufficient groups for HD situation, etc. Also, @ 1:55...very evident 'jerk' on the trigger...made more obvious by the empty chamber!! LOL! We've all done that...
  9. That is one *SWEET* looking mag tube extension you have there!!!
  10. I own a USP 9 and own and have shot plenty of 1911's - although not a Wilson - and you're right there is a difference in the 'felt' recoil with a majority of the weight of the USP being in the slide and high above the shooters hand vs. having more mass at and below the hand.
  11. And, uhm...this whole thread started primarily because she was 'recoil sensitive' with a 9mm...so you're choosing a .45?? I smell ulterior motive all over this thread..."Hey honey, *they* said I should get a Wilson .45 for you, yeah they are $2500, but aren't *you* worth it!?!?!?" ...good one
  12. OP does not have the original box - bought used - he did indicate to me in a PM that it does have a screw in choke.
  13. Thanks for the reply. I have seen plenty of 11721's w/o the L.E. on the receiver so this particular L.E. is a 'sub-variant' - so to speak - of the 11721. Gotcha.
  14. paladinjme


    I see, from this previous post of yours Bwerkes...that's not exactly the most convenient arrangement, is it...unlike the SBE and others. http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-25540.html
  15. I stand corrected...maybe...which model is in this pic? It is obviously *not* an M1014.
  16. paladinjme


    The Montefeltro is 4+1...sounds like yours has the limiter installed. If you unscrew the forend cap, the plug should be removable from under there..
  17. Neither the 11721, 11724 (SBS), nor M1014 has 'LE' - or any variation thereof - stamped on the receiver as a part of the model designation. OP, are you referring to 'LE' printed on the box label?
  18. Is the magazine cap retaining pin & spring present? This pin is what engages the detents on the magazine cap when you get it almost all the way screwed down and it starts 'clicking'. If you hear the 'clicking' it would indicate that the pin and spring are present. If they are not...there's the problem.
  19. I have a used factory extention tube (in like new condition) I'll sell for $125. PM if interested.
  20. Good technique = practice & range time...the OP has made it pretty clear that "...range time is not gonna happen" Obviously his (more precisely, *her*) options are limited...
  21. Some models .32's that are generally well regarded: Keltec P-32 Beretta 3032 "Tomcat" Walther PPK Sig P230 (no longer made) If practice is not going to happen, then the revolver in 22Mag or a very light 38Spl load may be the best bet...
  22. Sig, Beretta and Keltec all make 32ACP's that are generally regarded well. There is a substantial difference in .380 and .32 in regard to energy (and therefore recoil), as the .380 generally has a 90gr bullet and the .32 has a 65gr and they have similar velocities. Also, .380 ammo is generally easier to find than .32, something else to consider.
  23. In this context, this video (at the noted times) is worth a watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzyGdULmn98 4:13 - Women and semi-autos 5:45 - 45ACP 'stopping power vs. knock-down power' It is by James Yeager, if you aren't familiar with him, he is very knowledgeable but also very opinionated and polarizing for that reason, but his videos are generally worth watching. Admittedly, .32ACP is not the best choice for 'stopping power', but the issue you were asking about was recoil. I agree with the revolver suggestion as far as manual of arms is concerned, but that also doesn't nece
  24. Besides generally being lighter, most .380's are blowback operated (i.e. Sig P230, Walther PPK, etc) this type of operation creates more felt recoil than recoil operated pistols of similar size & weight (i.e. Kahr PM9, Glock 26, etc). The Ruger LCP, Keltec P3AT and Sig P238 are recoil operated .380's...and there are others. These may be good options - although they are all very small and light and recoil (relative to other .380's & 9mm's) is still substantial. Obviously spending time @ the range and improving form and confidence is the *best* answer, but if that's not likely to happe
  25. With the 7 round mag tube and C-stock you only need 4 US made parts, so the above list, minus stock.
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