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  1. I meant no offense by my previous post, however, MINE - both of them - look just like everyone else's. I'm not sure what posting a picture of it proves...as I said, you can pretty much draw a name out of a hat among (at least) the senior members of this board and they have installed their own 7 round mag tubes. I personally have installed 5 of them.
  2. PM Benelliwerkes about his 'Anatomy' manual, I'm not sure if he still sells it, but it is an excellent resource and the source of of many of the pics and info he posts.
  3. Many, if not most, of the regulars on this forum have installed 7 round mag tubes on their M4's themselves. There are *MANY* threads here about it with very detailed information, pictures, videos, etc. It really takes a knucklehead to screw it up.... If you don't know which end of a heat gun to point toward the object to be heated, maybe it's not a task you should tackle....otherwise, you can probably handle it, if you have the proper tools.
  4. Oh good grief...not the foul mouthed preacher videos again...
  5. Definitely not an H2O but it is pimped out with $1000 worth of accessories...that *IS* a bargain......effin' scammers...
  6. I don't have an account to see the pic, but yeah...that *screams* SCAM. If you are from TX you certainly wouldn't have to go to the trouble to post on a CA forum or bother shipping to sell an H2O for $1700...
  7. Wow...I figured it was substantially more than 200 that made it in...
  8. Not mine...and, who knew the production numbers were limited to 200??? http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=335539891
  9. Obviously not...that's why they are regularly available for purchase in the US...on guns and by themselves....
  10. I was gonna say...sounds like a...what did SD call it...'chumpbroker' price...LMAO
  11. There is nothing illegal or even regulated about a 14" shotgun barrel until it is attached to a receiver or if you happen to own a receiver to which it can be attached.
  12. SD, if you have more than one set of internals for the recoil tube, I'd be interested. PM me. Thanks.
  13. paladinjme

    b&t foreend

    This unit looks very similar to the KZ forend. The KZ has the one piece top rail that replaces the stock rail on the receiver, making it rock solid. The KZ is US made and 2/3'rds the price of the B&T... please tell me, what are the advantages of the B&T unit?
  14. At the risk of stepping on toes...I will echo SD'd offer. PM for details.
  15. I've owned multiple FFT tubes and the color matching only varies as much as the M4's themselves - and they can tend to vary quite a bit from one gun to another.
  16. PM sent re: US made hammer...
  17. ...you could sleep good at night after selling such a line of BS...and YES, I am jealous that this person has the 'gift of gab' such that it allows them to get $4300 for a $2000 - $2200 gun. Zero FB bidder means a probable non-payer and we'll see it listed again..but still... http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=330097560
  18. I hear that 'Benelli Parts' guy on Amazon is a real good guy to deal with...
  19. He is talking about the replacement tube from Numrich...they are reasonably clear about the fact that they are not OEM (i.e. Benelli manufactured)..especially since they list the 'replacement' tube *as well* as the genuine / OEM tube.
  20. Search this forum regarding opinions of the ProMag unit. Here is one thread in particular: http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php/31624-ProMag-C-Stock I can say the price is nice...however, IMO, the quality is suspect, however several disagree and rave about them.
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