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  1. I saw that,........need to do some work in a rental we have, heat gun will get used a great deal. Thanks for the suggestions though, I do appreciate the thought.
  2. Was wondering if it could be accomplished with a torch. I decided to get a heat gun, there have been a few times where I have needed or wanted one. Picked up a DeWalt model for right at $60
  3. Thanks for the pointers,.......I was going to look for a VTAC. Will redirect my attention to the VCAS. Appreciate the posting of the link, very helpful!
  4. Seriously? Yes, a page and a half derailment about 1911s,......you will wait about ten months. There are also other options available for a full length mag tube. No Zombie uprisings to date, so you are safe. Apologies for my part in the thread sidetrack,........seems it was a great place filler though. So, still no tube?
  5. Options are a bit broader with the SuperNova.......concerning stocks.
  6. I hear ya,....but that is also why John Moses Browning put that notch there. And if one practices safe firearms handling, the Kelsey safety mod is unnecessary.
  7. Only issue i would have with that is now the weapon can come out of battery when being holstered.
  8. Very nice......I have a Wilson BWC Chambers Custom bobtailed Springfield Novak built Colt Bob Miller Les Baer TRS 9mm Ed Brown Jeff Cooper Commemorative
  9. Mine will be nearly identical,......used a different tube though.
  10. Good enough reason for me,........get some pics up when you get it together!
  11. Very good.......I know all about custom 1911s. As long as the quality is there,......the wait is worth it.
  12. Must be one heck of a mag tube to take ten months to produce!
  13. Wow,........what a headache! I ordered a tube from FFT.
  14. M2_shootr


    That is a nice set........seems to be better quality than the set I got from Wheeler
  15. -An M4 has 13 parts, three or more must be replaced, (four if the Benelli collapsable stock is installed, the C stock counts as two parts.) -An M2 has 12 parts, two or more must be replaced, (three if the Benelli collapsable stock is installed. the C stock counts as two parts.)
  16. Very true,....if you decide to run an optic like a AimPoint, you will want/need the riser
  17. Did you use any thread locker when installing the new mag tube? Thanks
  18. The 10 part thing or 922r compliance is only if you modify the shotgun into a non-sporting configuration. If the shotgun only has 1 of those 4 features above it is still considered usable for sporting purposes and can be imported. 922r says you can't change an imported shotgun into a non-importable configuration, meaning having 2 or more of those features. If you have fewer than 10 of the major imported parts on your gun it is no longer considered an imported gun and you can add all the features you like. This is all how I understand it. You can't have more than 10 of these original parts imported on a non-compliant shotgun. Benelli's do not have all 20 parts listed here to begin with, so if you change a few out with US made parts you can have a pistol grip, extended tube, and telescoping stock if you want. (1) Frames, receivers, receiver castings, forgings or stampings (2) Barrels (3) Barrel extensions (4) Mounting blocks (trunions) (5) Muzzle attachments (6) Bolts (7) Bolt carriers (8) Operating rods (9) Gas pistons (10) Trigger housings (11) Triggers (12) Hammers (13) Sears (14) Disconnectors (15) Buttstocks (16) Pistol grips (17) Forearms, handguards (18) Magazine bodies (19) Followers (20) Floorplates
  19. I always clean new guns........many have sticky shipping preservative oil.
  20. She got a sister? Congrats, sounds like a keeper, treat her like a Queen!
  21. Remember, if you decide to buy a barrel for your M2, you will have to remove the rear sight every time you shoot skeet
  22. One of those barrels alone would cost $400! The SN is a rock solid shotgun, I would have no concerns about warranty!
  23. There are two models one with and one without, I would get the one with the riser. You can use the stock without the riser
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