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  1. Jeez, I ordered a 5 round in Apr and thought I might be getting close to expecting it. Apparently I have another 3 months to wait!
  2. http://www.benelliparts.net/store/c1/Featured_Products.html but sold out atm also keep an eye on gunbroker, but none listed right now. Usually ~$900-$1000
  3. Look about right? http://www.fastener-express.com/M4x.7x20mmFlatHeadStarTorxStyleSocketScrewsA2StainlessQty.aspx or https://www.fastenal.com/products/details/39943
  4. Awesome info SD, thank you! I may just be better off selling it to someone less discerning than I am for a discount and buying new for myself
  5. Last time I talked to benelli, they said flat out,they do not do parts. Is there anywhere to get replacement hex screws, or anyone know the length and thread pitch? I'm wondering if there are any other metal parts in the assembly that could be rusted/damaged as well
  6. Is there any spec info or place to get replacement hex screws? Can't find them on numrich
  7. That is odd that Numrich's M4 schematic shows phillips screws but the adjustable one I bought is hex? https://www.gunpartscorp.com/Products/1439700.htm
  8. They are hex on top of the stock. I left it with my SOT/FFL as it is coming with an SBS (some 4 months down the road). I'm thinking I might just pick up another one here on the board and sell the rusty one off later at a discount (maybe even order replacement screws). Both of the parts were loose in the box with no plastic or other cardboard and it looked like the stock had been attached at least once. The grip was covered in some sort of fibers. I really don't like paying $250 for a rusty item, who knows what else is wrong with the thing. *note: I did NOT buy my stock from anyone here on
  9. Is it normal for the stock screws to be rusty and the stock parts dirty out of the box? Is it just the 2 pieces or are they wrapped in plastic?
  10. As I mentioned before, I have one on mine. The first time I took my M4 out, my thumbnail got cut up pretty bad loading with the existing shell elevator. Call it inexperience or what you will, but I didn't have similar problems with the TTI.
  11. SD did the install for me. Glad I picked it up. It's a thumb saver! It will go on all my m4's
  12. Looks like some cool stuff! My favorite also happens to be this one: http://forums.benelliusa.com Mostly because I have 2 Benellis! HTTP not HTTPS (kinda strange HTTPS redirects to the site developers?)
  13. ohbejuan


    For those who are interested. It's not me, I don't know the guy, I have no financial interest or interest otherwise. Just know at least a few of you have been looking. http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=481618966
  14. Unfortunately, I'm the wrong person to ask! It's been a safe queen ever since. Only two places to shoot shotguns around here, about an hour away at the outdoor range (slugs only) and downtown at Gander Mountain (slugs only, outrageously expensive). Finish does look great though, I did order a Larue RMR Mount (and had it NP3'd also) and am waiting on the RMR since last month (slow Trijicon) http://www.opticsplanet.com/trijicon-rmr-nickel-boron-dual-illum-sight-9-0-moa-green-dot-reticle.html In other, sad news, I went to install a Larue short mount on my Aimpoint H-1 to put on my
  15. Yeah, well I would strongly consider sending this back but they don't seem to want to even have a conversation with me. After my second email: "The streaking is mostly likely due to them not being cleaned prior to coming out of the NP3 tank. As for the takedown pins, we have a trail of emails where I told you we never received any in the box but just in case were willing to replace them. As for parts being uncoated, etc. I have forwarded these emails to my GM for further review." Yeah, they lost the takedown pins that I had included before and they replaced and re-coated a new s
  16. It was all cosmetic, but some kinda ugly. It came back PERFECT the first time and I went and screwed it up by having it laser engraved after the fact. I believe the heat from the laser caused some darkening around the engraving that was impossible to remove, so I paid for the entire lower and parts to be re-done. Other than the pictures in this thread, the captured trigger pin screws and the takedown pins appear to be coated in something other than NP3+, as they have a much brighter look to them. In this thread you can see a lot of the complaints (minus the pins) http://www.ar15.com/
  17. Carrier comp tube on order Will be getting the: Geissele Hammer FFT Trigger FFT Disconnector TTI Shell Elevator GG&G Bolt Release FFT Follower Either Asgard Top Rail for QD Saddle or possibly Scalarworks Most Likely an RMR05-G or RMR05-C Possibly collapsible stock, the standard LOP is just way too long for me Might Pass On: TTI Oversize Safety Seems just a bit too big and bulky from the pictures Carriercomp follower Plastic seems kinda cheap, thinking of the FFT Alum Bolt Handle Can't get carrier comp anymore and the FFT was a horrible fi
  18. The full length one I have is heavy as heck with the surefire foreend, foregrip, muzzle brake, asgard shell holders. I think I'll build this one super light. I'm not totally sold on the rail with the RMR cutout built in, I'm a big guy and that may be just too low for me, plus I do like the Asgard detachable rail setup. Any thoughts on the RMR cutout rail?
  19. The TTI Shell elevator is a huge upgrade. The original I cut my fingernail on quite badly. With the TTI it's super smooth. I'll have another trigger pack for your work in about 5 months SD
  20. Sweet! I wasn't sure, I had never seen a model with the rifle-looking stock before. I had also seen some website saying versions several years ago did not have the proper tube cuts. If I end up buying this, I'm gonna need SD for the future trigger work and H&K for the stock when I get there
  21. Looking at potentially buying an m4 entry model. Found one #11723 but it has the standard looking rifle stock (non pistol grip even). Anyone know if you can put the 3 position collapsible stock on these with pistol grip? Is the stock tube cut for all 3 positions?
  22. I also did it as well, I'm very risk averse. Besides, actually spending the money gives you a better product. The full length mag tube from CarrierComp is compliant, no need for an extension, and it's lighter/stronger than the original. The follower from FFT is brighter colored and aluminum, so it should hold up longer. The Geissele hammer is more preferred than the Benelli stock hammer, and I believe FFT sells a virtually identical foreend (or you could always buy the FFT disconnector). Once you buy it all, you'll have a better, compliant, and more re-sell-able weapon.
  23. Oh yet another lesson learned! Two tiny tiny little holes in the buttpad of your stock. A phillips screw about 3/4" deep in each hole. It strips easily, do not use any loctite for reassembly. It does help to put a drop of oil in before removal and before re-insertion to not mess up the rubber. I would not attempt to remove the screws from the buttpad, just unscrew straight from teh stock. You can get a replacement buttpad and screws (about $75 total, ask me how I know...because I do) Also, from what I remember, the Noveske plate tends to not line up perfectly, so you may have to
  24. You can use the limbsaver with the Noveske adapter on the NON-COLLAPSIBLE stock. However, if you got the collapsible stock, it will no longer collapse past the longest rod with the Noveske adapter installed. (Ask me how i know....cause I do)
  25. I went with the 05C. It has at least a month on backorder from just about everywhere at the moment though. I got mine at OpticsPlanet. They have a heck of a deal going on right now
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