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  1. I think it's going to look sharp with NIB everything as well as a NIB RMR on the Scalarworks (also NIB'd). Trying to keep the SBS super super light...the fullsize will probably get the Scalarworks as well and i'll keep the Asgard's for another day. With the surefire foreend and the muzzle brake, that beast is heavy!
  2. Yeah SD, I already bought an NIB coated RMR. Just depends on what RMR you're looking for RLJ, find the one you want, check slickguns (put in the UPC and search for lowest price), check amazon, and then when you find the best, buy it at opticsplanet and have them price match Or if they have it fairly low, wait for them to have 10-12% off deals Trijicon RMR Nickel Boron Dual Illum. Sight - 9.0 MOA Green Dot RM05-C-700065 TJ-RD-RM05-C-700065
  3. I did too, should arrive tomorrow, they got stuck between NJ and here for like 2 days
  4. Oh, one word of caution though. I had Robar do NP3+ on different parts of the gun at different times (don't ask, it's a long story). Anyhow, it came back looking mismatched, they said this can and does happen, the "tint" of the NP3 changes depending on the batch, etc I suppose. So if you're trying to match existing NP3, just be aware
  5. It's true, at least it looks like it to me. I'll try to take a better picture if you're worried about the risk
  6. 5 Rd tube, ordered 4/14, tracking shows delivery on 10/26 The very same day I ordered my M4 SBS I placed the order. The form 3 and form 4 were both approved and I had time to send the trigger pack to SD and get it returned before I get the tube
  7. Just got shipping notice today from 4/14/15 order
  8. Just got word that they are finishing up the coating on these today/tomorrow and they hope to ship tomorrow or the next day!
  9. Looks like we ordered around the same time, 4/14/15 on mine. Still no word other than it's in the current batch
  10. 6 months and still waiting on mine
  11. Just an update for those wondering. I'm still waiting for my CC 5 rd tube for my SBS. It just hit the 6 month mark, but it should be soon! They make awesome stuff, but you must learn patience
  12. Is there any explicable reason why the benelli foreend has to be 2 pieces? Will it simply not be removable over the pistons otherwise?
  13. This is in regards to the M4 forened by the way: Does anyone make a factory identical benelli style foreend that's 1 piece? I like the feel, I don't care about 922r (I have sufficient parts to cover it), but I never realized how frustrating they are to keep together and put on! Even fft makes 2 piece... Bikinis are better in 2 piece, foreend are not!
  14. Same with my fft handle. They claimed not to know anything about it. I tried to file mine to fit but I ended up making a mess of it. Tossed it and went back to original and never looked back. I use fft trigger and disconnector and followers though. I do really like Asgard products BTW, super nice cleanly made stuff
  15. Even comes with a screw upgrade Thanks for the endorsement SD!
  16. I have an extra collapsible stock I received with my M4 transfer today. Looking to get $225 shipped if anyone's interested. The top screws are a bit older looking, but I have a new set of screws I purchased to replace them at the direction of the forum post here. They were a great fit for my other stock, a good clean looking black and, what should be, stronger steel. I'd be willing to leave the original screws in, put some new ones in, or just throw the new screws in with the stock. Whatever the buyer prefers. It looks like it's in great shape otherwise. Item ships in
  17. I've changed mine typically because I like to go with the detachable side saddle by (formerly) Asgard Defense (now tactical solutions)
  18. I've had an ADM mount before. The thing is like buying a Chinese car. It's OK to try, but Larue mounts are farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr superior to ADM and the like. The ADM mount was almost "crunchy", adjusting the QD lever is laughable, and I destroyed one of their mounts within 10 minutes of having it by slightly over tightening. Just my opinion, I don't work for either. It's worth it to pony up for Larue
  19. I believe the top 2 favorites are the Aimpoint Micro T-2 or the Trijicon RMR (pick your favorite dot). Battery life on either are superior to any other solution and they're much lighter than the EOTechs. If you go with the Aimpoint Micro T-2, the lowest Larue Tactical QD mount is your best bet (my opinion). If you go RMR, they make a special rail that puts the RMR in co-witness with your sights. Both pretty much last forever and are indestructible and have great resale value. I won't say the same about Leupold, Docter, Bushnell, or many others. If you're looking for use
  20. I bought mine off of one of the GunsAmerica Listings. I had the opportunity to check it out at my local SOT and it looks perfectly fine and the Form 3 was done in short order. If you need the name of the dealer, PM me, but you can pretty much guess what I paid.
  21. Probably cheaper to buy the necessary 922 trigger group parts. You're looking at maybe a $200 investment max to do that. Geissele hammer, fft trigger, fft disconnector and you're pretty much there. If you try to get a factory tube, it's pricey. If you sell it without a tube, you take a big hit. No reason to get rid of a perfectly good CC tube for $1. That thing has a loooong wait right now.
  22. I don't mind waiting at all. I still have another month or two to go on my Form 4. However, I think 3.5 months is at least a tad bit of an underestimate: Order Date: Tue, Apr 14, 2015 1 | BM4-TiSBS-DG | FACTORY LENGTH (5 rd) Titanium Direct Not received yet (Aug 10)
  23. Not exactly sure what was different but I just bought a box of M4x.7 20mm from Fastenal and their screws were shorter than what came out of the benelli stock. I believe they still grabbed (at least got tight anyway) but they were shorter
  24. Pretty good faq here: http://freedomfightertactical.com/922r-faq/ I believe the basic answer comes down to the total imported parts count on your gun.
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