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  1. Sidearmor Benelli M4 Top Rail and QD Shell Mount 25150-DE in Robar NP3+ $75 Has been mounted, has some residual loctite residue on underside of rail [*]Sidearmor/Asgard Defense 12 Gauge QD Shell Holder 6 Shell in Robar NP3+ $75 [*]Sidearmor/Asgard Defense 12 Gauge QD Shell Holder 8 Shell $75 [*]Sidearmor/Asgard Defense 12 Gauge QD Shell Holder 8 Shell in Robar NP3+ $100 Will consider OBO or package deals. Shipped at actual USPS cost.
  2. Yeah I'll totally give a plug for those guys. I have a couple myself http://asgarddefense.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_9&products_id=17&zenid=ntsau4d8pbrbdntm14rvgm17h2
  3. You can see both my full-size and SBS version here http://forums.benelliusa.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=2961&d=1455160401 That muzzle brake is heavy!
  4. Not me! Factory M4 SBS Carrier Comp 5 Rd Ti Tube GG&G Bolt Release Pad Geissele Hammer FFT Trigger/Disconnector/Follower Lightened Safety Spring and Other Trigger Work by SD Scalarworks BOR Trijicon RM05G Nickel Boron TTI Shell Lifter Benelli Factory Collapsible Stock Robar NP3+ Finish Factory Alum Trigger Guard (Hand Selected) http://i.imgur.com/0PgbgFL.jpg
  5. I had no vice, just a couple of pot holders and some of those grippy rubber things to help twist and the heat gun (and no good place to lay it) If I can do it, you can too Not sure I'd go the water approach, but a good ole fashioned heat and twist and a little hand burning goes a long way!
  6. SD Always does prime work, so I'm sure he would get done whatever you need! That being said, I also used a Wagner heat gun on my relatively-new M4 SBS and it took longer than I would've liked. If you wanted to try it yourself, my issues seemed to be where I was heating instead of how much. Getting the heat in the proper location is more important than getting it super hot
  7. Yes, a new bolt handle would be awesome, but I don't want one to rotate. I tried to file down a titanium FFT, but it ended in disaster. I still have the OEM on both of mine All of mine have come from: Ebay OpticsPlanet 10% Off Sales ManVentureOutpost
  8. I have several Sidearmor/Asguards and love mine. I don't happen to use them anymore since I'm using the Scalarworks RMR rail, but Asguard makes an awesome product. Be careful with any other options that only use top rail screws because its possible to damage the screw holes in the aluminum receiver
  9. I'm certainly not one to taunt the ATF or throw caution to the wind when it comes to my freedom. I follow requirements and CFRs to the letter as much as I can from the best of my understanding. I've even taken care to read and decipher several of them. I live/work in the Gov world to some extent and a wise person once told me to do only what is REQUIRED and nothing more. If they want to require that and change the written guidance, I will follow. Until then, especially via word-of-mouth or orally, it's recommended according to at least 2 sources directly from the ATF
  10. To add another point to SD's relevant NFA Item to Robar transfer. Here is a link directly from the ATF. https://www.atf.gov/firearms/docs/repair-nfa-firearms/download "Strongly recommended" does not indicate "Required". This is repeated on the ATF website under the NFA FAQ, and the latest guidance that I know of. Leave it to the owner's discretion whether a Robar "refinish" is considered a "repair" under these guidelines.
  11. Hmm, I wonder how they look/compare to the FFT anodized followers
  12. The flag will really be the only difference vs building one yourself. Try gunbroker also if you haven't already. If you can pick one up you can always pay Robar to do the NP3+ on yours... At least until StrangerDanger starts engraving flags on M4's
  13. I'll say they do great work now and then. Sometimes I'm happy, sometimes I'm not. The prices moving forward are going to be prohibitive though
  14. The full size is heavier than it looks That Muzzle Brake is a beast!
  15. Just a small showoff thread Just got the SBS back from Robar. Small finish issue on trigger guard outstanding (and a few minor other issues I took care of) and it was good to go. Big thanks to StrangerDanger for all of the guidance/advice and his trigger work! Scalarworks might see something familiar on there too
  16. Does the limbsaver plastic base still not quite conform to the back of the stock? Last time I tried one, the plastic hung over the edges by 1/4" or so
  17. Also, since he's here, Steve Rose did a killer job on my 870 SBS barrel! Fully recommend his work on 870s too!
  18. You're the Steve Rose of Benelli's One thing he doesn't do though is re-thread Benelli Barrels in the Benelli Thread Pattern, there's a service you could pick up some day!
  19. I totally stand behind his work, done a stellar job for me a few times!
  20. FFT has made some and they seem like nice people, but....They do not accept the fact that their charging handle is manufactured improperly and does not properly fit (at least my) M4's. It falls out far too easily and rotates far too easily, it simply does not lock/latch properly with the roll pin. I'm using stock Benelli, I like it and that thing is impossible to accidentally fall out. One of the rare pieces that don't really need an upgrade
  21. Scalarworks, is it correct that you do not need the Benelli Rail Washers for your rail? Also, on my two (both NP3+) I use the following RMR. Nickel plated and no batteries required Trijicon RMR Nickel Boron Dual Illum. Sight - 9.0 MOA Green Dot RM05-C-700065
  22. Looks nice! Just to be clear, you do NOT use the Benelli rail screws or Benelli rail washers at all with the Scalarworks? Also, which RMR screws are you using, the "long" or the "short" version? 6-32 x 1/2" or 6-32 x 3/8"?
  23. Didn't even know about the plates until you brought them up! Buying 2 and going to send them in for NP3+ as well Yeah I hope it turns out alright, Robar has been hit or miss but they did a **** of a job on the previous M4. Glad you got a good deal, opticsplanet has never had more than 12% off from what I've seen. I bought a Trijicon MRO recently too, it's also a good looking optic as an alternative!
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