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  1. Pretty much every piece of metal I can find on the gun has been coated. It's hard to see but everything on the pistons appear to be coated as well as the inside of the end of the muzzle (last picture). The threads on the carriercomp tube on both ends seem coated also, as well as the tube-spring-clam (which was black previously) appears coated now. The follower was as well, it was an FFT Red.
  2. As far as I can tell they did, I wouldn't imagine the finish would match so closely/exactly with the newly finished barrel if they did not I wasn't sure if they could even do the surefire rail since it does have some plastic as part of the metal itself. Perhaps when I get some money at the beginning of the year I'll take the surefire, top rail and side saddles and have them do those. Shouldn't be more than another $100 or so (I hope)
  3. I think it came out pretty awesome. The finish on the handguard holder is a little bit rough, but the rest of the finish overall is as smooth as you could imagine. I didn't notice any particular sound difference, but then again, I probably have about 20-25 rounds through this thing since I bought it, so I'm no expert! As far as I can tell on the barrel it looks like it's coated all the way back to (and including) the throat of the barrel. The thread (protector?) looks like it's coated as well from what I can tell The shell elevator is coated, the trigger is coated, trigger guard
  4. Straight Benelli M4: Added a Surefire Foreend (US) w/Larue Index Clips and Tape Switch Carriercomp 7 Round Ti mag tube (US) FFT follower (US) Sidearmor top rail/side saddle GG&G Bolt Release Pad Benelli Collapsible Stock (Non-US) (StrangerDanger) did the trigger work adding: FFT trigger (US) FFT disconnector (US) Geissele Hammer (US) TTI Extended Shell Lifter Robar did the full NP3+ on the entire thing (just got it back today) Pictures came out only so-so, but I think it turned out to be a beautiful piece so far. Hopefully I can add one of those
  5. Delivery of my NP3+ M4 tomorrow (supposedly)
  6. I must've gotten c-stock at a bad time, paid like $330 a couple of months ago
  7. I wonder if the muzzle device is going to be like the c-stocks? Rare and expensive for now but then they do a big run and are found to be cheaper a little while later?
  8. Since Noveske is one of the top end barrels for AR's, I've stuck with their recommended choice for all of my firearms, KG Oil. Love me some KG-4 http://www.kgcoatings.com/firearm-related-products/rifle-pistol-pack/ Available at MidwayUSA also
  9. Good god what a collection! I have one on my 870 (not really for door breeching, I don't really do that...) but I would much rather damage a $350 base shotgun than my beautiful M4 (which is away getting the Robar NP3+ for quite a while) My biggest complaint with the 870 choke (probably the same with the M4) is just the added length
  10. So the guy is selling the newer one on GB? Are they really that rare?
  11. Anyone have one of the factory ones? Just wondering if it's actually very effective as a brake/comp or if the purposes really is more for door breeching
  12. EEsh, I get paying a premium for parts, but ouch. +1 for the return of Kip
  13. I have an Aimpoint Micro H-1 already. It's nice, but the window is small. I have seen some DP videos and the glass seems perfectly clear and a large field of view. The only downsides were having to unmount for the battery among others, which is why I was hoping for the DP2. Also, the Trijicon RMR has the same un-mount to fix battery problem and that hideous blue-green tint as well. I believe the 7.5 MOA is actually the "Delta Point" reticle, basically a triangle, so you can use the tip of the triangle to aim
  14. Was counting on getting a Leupold Deltapoint 2 for my M4. Seems like I have plenty of time to wait on Robar doing the NP3+. Leupold just said that they will not make a DP2 but instead the Deltapoint Pro will be available in March 2015
  15. When I ordered mine last christmas it was ~90 days.
  16. I actually have the sidearmor mod3 QD shell holder and rails. I'm not sure of the advantages of Rogard for these type of items, but black is black is black and if it's included?
  17. It appears that what I ordered might come with Rogard included. I actually didn't even know what that was until I looked it up. I wonder if I should have the top rail/side saddle and shell holders coated in that? I asked Robar yesterday, but they haven't been the best on email communication so far.
  18. Had to open up the package and update the order form this morning to add that little tidbit Is in the hands of UPS now, in a month or so I'm expecting to have it back! Here's hoping to having an nice NP3+ Coated H2O killer!
  19. Getting ready to send it out tomorrow. Last opinions on the GG&G Bolt release? I think I decided to keep the rest H2O style (black top rail, black side saddle)...can't decide on bolt release
  20. Any thoughts on letting them do the top rail/side saddle/GG&g oversized release? I suppose its mostly aesthetic questions
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