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  1. It's the carriercomp DG parkerized tube. The H2O coating looks at least somewhat similar in color? I like the idea of the NP3+...the cost is a bit off-putting, but the worst is the potential for issues. I don't really have the means to polish/test/fire/repeat in case they cause issues
  2. Price list is on their site, 10% off this month. Would be something like $450 + return shipping for NP3+. I assume they can't coat the Carriercomp mag tube either (titanium)
  3. Hmm, that is a bit worrisome. Robar had said they prefer for it to be shipped to them fully assembled and they would take it all apart and ship it back the same. I hadn't heard about H2O's having issues
  4. Was it done by Robar? I didn't expect what they would do to have tolerance issues since they did the H2O model?
  5. Anyone had their vanilla Benelli M4 NP3 or NP3 Plus coated (instead of buying the H2O to start with)? Any experiences good/bad?
  6. I have not done that, but I will say the Mesa Urbino with the grip replaced to be the Benelli grip is probably exactly what you're hoping to achieve. I did that on mine before I replaced it with the collapsible stock
  7. Awesome! Sounds like a winner to me!
  8. I started with the 6 and liked it so much I added the 8 afterward!
  9. Quality product for sure. Only problem I have is figuring out the somewhat puzzle like method to line them up to slide on/off. Perhaps a simple arrow on each piece could be a new feature request Otherwise an awesome product great finish, solid attachment, light weight
  10. I know you mentioned it before, but if you don't like that LOP, the mesa is the same but shorter by about 2". I even replaced the mesa grip with a benelli grip
  11. No experience with their foreend personally. But I will vouch for Stranger Danger's work replacing the trigger parts with Geissele and FFT. That would give you a couple of easy 922r upgrades right there, and you can always buy a replacement trigger pack on brownells for a couple hundred bucks if the mods don't suit you.
  12. "No, a loose-fitting handle or a handle that falls out is definitely not normal. You are welcome to return it to us for a full refund on the part. Our existing stock has the same cuts on the tang and it's unlikely that a replacement will net different results. We're looking into the issue that some are having, as it isn't happening on many guns but it can happen as reported. To date, we've not been able to duplicate the problem, whether it be with new stock or a returned handle. We've got 7 Benelli M4s for testing, too." -- FFT
  13. $1500 is a good price for a new (non-sbs, non-adjustable stock) one...I think I paid that or a little over for mine on Black Friday even $1500 for a registered sbs with adjustable stock and low round count is a steal...provided you are into the whole SBS thing. I'm an SBR fan for something like a PS90, but how much shorter and practical can you make an M4?
  14. I'll admit, I do NOT have one of these, but they look pretty sweet! http://www.laruetactical.com/combo-pelican-im3200-hard-case-and-moab-soft-case
  15. I have the 6 and 8 round qd carrier with the short top rail. Beautiful pieces of aluminum although not the easiest qd mechanishm. Still fine cratfsmanship
  16. I am a bit disappointed with the fit and material of the M80, especially for the price. That said, I do own and use one. The light I use is a Streamlight TLR-1HL and I have a Larue FUG attached as well
  17. Great news, because I just butchered my FFT with a file trying to make it fit properly
  18. I saw the perfect union link to the pics, but I didn't see a video link in the post?
  19. Anyone had success getting an exchange from FFT that fit properly or are they all the same?
  20. I just noticed that my FFT has the same problem, I could pull it out from any position with minimal effort. Just tried the original factory part and it was impossible without rotating. I might email FFT and see what they think
  21. I used SD's instructions perfectly. Cheap trip to Harbor Freight for punches/holders/clamps/etc and a craft store for a bit of sticky felt backing on the pad and good to go
  22. Anyone try this yet? Looks like from the pics in the link I posted that the pad sticks out from the sides near the bottom just a tad...not sure if it would be enough to drive me crazy or not!
  23. Check out the post at the bottom of this page. Looks like the guy used the Noveske Adapter and the 10111 on a pro-mag c-stock clone. If anyone does this, I'd love to see pictures and/or how it turns out before I do it to mine http://www.perfectunion.com/vb/shotgun-misc/100244-benelli-m4-review-modifications-comparison-2.html
  24. It's truly worth it to wait for SD's pictures. There are none better that I have seen
  25. I made a trip to Harbor Freight before I did mine for some tiny spring clamps, long punches, slave pins, painters tape, rubber mallet, etc for a super bargain price. Add a piece of flat-back sticky felt from the craft shop and it wasn't bad at all
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