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  1. When I sent my M4 to Robar, I had an M80 included as part of the package. They sent the M80 back unaltered as they said the rails were unable to be removed and the rest would not survive the plating. I take their word for it, but I also have an email in to Surefire to see if they could confirm
  2. Dot or Triangle for M4? https://www.trijicon.com/na_en/products/product2.php?mid=Dual-Illuminated
  3. ohbejuan


    I believe the consensus here is to go with the Geissele hammer instead of the FFT. The mag tubes are also available from different manufacturers as well.
  4. A threaded pipe that can help you be/maintain compliance with a federal regulation that may/may not land you in prison Just sayin!
  5. Not the best quality, but she's pretty much done NP3+ on everything that they could possibly do. Including the Asgard Defense Rail/Side Saddle, the collapsible stock, the benelli muzzle brake, carrier comp tube, and all the bells and whistles in the trigger group! http://i.imgur.com/gBZRuTb.jpg http://i.imgur.com/Muaiwom.jpg
  6. Thanks for the help all. I did finally get the parts from Numrich yesterday. Quite an expensive screw... Let this be a lesson to all of you, never settle for a cheap screw (although this one was apparently $8, the original was still a piece of crap) I had to end up destroying the original buttpad with a hacksaw and then had to saw a notch in the screw head to get a flat blade to take the damn thing out [ATTACH]2845[/ATTACH]
  7. I thought so too, but I also haven't tried. Robar is pretty good about disassembly/reassembly from what I've seen, so if it can't be done, I tend to believe them but I don't know
  8. I don't know either! This is all they said "One of the Rails you sent us for the surefire forend has plastic parts which would not survive the Np3 bath and cannot be disassembled."
  9. Just to re-up on an old thread... I got my Asgard Defense QD Rail/Sideshell holders NP3+ coated and the Muzzle Brake I got from H&K is being done also (that will be done next month). They were unable to disassemble the surefire foreend just as an FYI The Asgard stuff came out awesome, only one little black part that was rubber/plastic that they couldn't coat
  10. Awesome, if not a bit pricy! I've heard inserting new screws can mess up the buttpad a bit. I did a brief internet search and didn't find a good factory/oem buttpad, any line on where to get one of those as well by chance?
  11. I was trying to test the limbsaver pad on my collapsible M4 stock and messed up the buttpad screwheads a bit. Anyone know where to get replacements? The original benelli stock screws are far too long
  12. I won't speak for him but I like the flag part
  13. Taran Tactical Shell Lifter does a really good job as well
  14. Keith, does this look like the same adapter you installed? For some reason it looks like yours has sunken screw holes for mounting to the stock but this one doesn't http://www.midwayusa.com/product/244353/noveske-benelli-m1-m4-aftermarket-recoil-pad-adapter-plate-aluminum-black?cm_vc=ProductFinding
  15. Send ADCO an email and ask them if they could find a way to adapt the plate to work with your stock. It shouldn't cost too much if they can/willing and you might mention there's probably a market for a half-dozen or dozen more at least
  16. Had an FFT, it didn't fit securely, went back to original and haven't thought about it since. Although I am a fan of the GG&G bolt release, but I'm not a "field" user
  17. I believe that's from the company that makes the detachable side saddles that they acquired from Sidearmor (or something like that)
  18. Larue Index Clips for the rails! Or I use a Larue Foregrip myself. Not sure why it's never been popular on a shotgun!
  19. I got these, recommended by someone on the forum. Worked out great the one time I used them http://www.sears.com/craftsman-professional-retaining-ring-pliers-internal-external/p-00947412000P
  20. Who knew my M4 was selling for close to a bajillion dollars? (Not mine BTW, just saw this perusing on GB) http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=454103515
  21. The bolt is definitely coated and nice and smooth. I still can't get over the bluish tint of the trijicon RMR. I absolutely love my ACOG with it's clear glass, but seeing the world through a blue/green tint would drive me bonkers. That's why I'm still on the Leupold Deltapoint kick if they ever release a new one. There is a youtube video of a guy shooting his DP on a pistol and it's as clear as day with no tint. Someone on ARFCOM is even selling a used DP for $275 in good shape! I like my Aimpoint H-1 as well on a larue mount...it's nice, albeit a bit small and has a bit of a tint of
  22. You might be right about that barrel throat area. I don't mind the front and rear sight areas, I tend towards using some sort of optic anyhow, so that doesn't really bother me. SD planted the bug in my head to get the Surefire Forend coated and the top rail/side saddles so I inquired with Robar about those already (darn SD)! I actually wanted the trigger assembly coated, the actual FFT trigger itself didn't have a very smooth finish (SD actually changed it out for me twice as the first one had a nice indent in it) and the trigger guard. I'm probably more happy that I did it this wa
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