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  1. Well if you don't want to buy a $200 part to make it work, I'll trade you a Benelli pistol grip stock for it.
  2. Very cool! My daughter loves 12 gauge too.
  3. While you're at it, might as well add one of their aluminum follower. Freedom Fighter Tactical parts are great. I bought their titanium magazine tube and some other parts. My favorite bolt release is the GG&G bolt release kit. It's not cheap, but a well worthwhile upgrade.
  4. I have owned a Remington 870 for nearly 20 years, never had it fail me and only about 5 years ago bought a Benelli M4. I LOVE my M4, but I already knew my Remington inside out as though it was a limb of my own. I kinda just look at the M4 as though it is an extravagance. So for new gun owners, I can't help but recommend they get a pump action, a carry pistol and then build or buy an AR-15 as soon as possible.
  5. I don't recall ever hearing about that before. I own a Remington 870 so I suppose I shouldn't have to be concerned. I'll remember that though if I or anyone I know ever gets a Mossberg. Thanks for the info!
  6. I agree with StrangerDanger. I would recommend either a Remington 870 or a Mossberg 500 pump action shotgun due to its lower price and simplicity in comparison to the Benelli M4. While you're at it, also buy a carry pistol. The combined price of the pistol and the shotgun will still have you lower overall price of a Benelli M4.
  7. If the Eotech optic is mounted as low as it can be ... there's nothing else you can do to make the optic lower. The elevation and windage adjustments are for zeroing in the Eotech, not to lower the reticle.
  8. Wow those prices are high! SureFire sure ain't cheap. You could get that IWC mount, attach any light you want as well as any laser you want for a LOT less. Another option would be to install a Mesa Tactical Trukee forend/handguard, attach any light and laser you want.
  9. StrangerDanger Holy cow, super descriptive man. Any time anyone thinks their job is tough, there are tougher jobs out there.
  10. Pics! My next light will be an Elzetta light. They're said to be more rugged and reliable than SureFire.
  11. I used to hear bad things about Botach. I've never ordered from them because of all the countless stories I've heard. IF you do order from them, I HIGHLY recommend using an actual credit card, not a debit card. If or when Botach doesn't ship your order, like I've heard, you can always do a chargeback.
  12. Can you post some pics of the bent rib? There are a LOT of knowledgeable and inginuitive people here. It might just take a wedge to bend it back or something like that.
  13. If I paid $2,000.00 for a scope, if I dropped it and dented the body, I couldn't expect the manufacturer to restore the scope for me for free. Now I know some manufacturers are notorious for having warranties that are over the top. Like for instance if you have a house fire, they will replace your burned up scope if you send it to them. Now that depends on the manufacturer, but I wouldn't expect this kind of warranty/policy from Benelli if that is not their warranty/policy. I get it, you're upset, but I don't see any reason to be upset with Benelli.
  14. Benelli manufactures these firearms. You dinged one up a bit. Are you mad because they don't do free gunsmithing for you? Have you considered that they may not be able to restore it to the same condition it was before you dropped it? What if they tried and it didn't meet your satisfaction? What if they slightly scratched or marred it at all? Some people take thorough pics before they send stuff out and make a big deal about stuff like that. Nothing is stopping you from trying to bend it back yourself or find a gunsmith that is willing to try and fix it.
  15. Instead of waiting for a titanium tube, I just ordered from Freedom Fighter Tactical and received it right away. I cannot imagine they are all that different from each other. I've seen comparison pics before and I wasn't overwhelmed by the differences.
  16. If the optic is on a 'see through mount' then your optic will be significantly higher and that will affect your cheek weld. Hypothetically, if you raise your cheek pad to compensate, it would make it very difficult (if not nearly impossible) to use your ghost ring sights. I prefer to use either a very low direct clamp optic that can cowitness or just use a QD mount so you can easily remove & replace the optic to use your iron sights. I don't know if there is a QD mount/optic combo that allows cowitness.
  17. LaRue mounts shouldn't be used on light weight rails. I attached a pic showing damage caused by a light weight rail. No, the mount raises the optic so it will not cowitness through the optic. That is why I like the Bobro mount. Quick, one-handed removal and reinstall. I don't know if even a direct, clamp-on Bushnell TRS-25 would even cowitness. That's why I like QD mounts.
  18. If you were to use a Bobro mount, I would change the light weight picatinny rail out for a standard rail. The light weight rails have a lot of the center removed and Bobro mounts require a solid rail due to their design. ADM mounts can be installed on a light weight rail though.
  19. Aren't their mounts quite tall? Way too tall actually. I searched their website and could not find any low mounts like Bobro and ADM offers. I suspect Scalarworks focuses on AR-15 height mounts.
  20. I used this Bobro mount to attach a micro red dot to my Benelli M4. You could also get an ADM mount to save a few bucks. I have both and they both work great. I just prefer the Bobro mount because it is more robust.
  21. I believe it is just a prop. A magazine would interfere with the lifter and normal feeding mechanisms.
  22. Whatever the market will bear. I see them listed online for approx $130 on retail sites. You'll see it for less sometimes with private sales (auction sites, eBay, etc...). I traded my field stock for a pistol grip stock. I also have the Raven collapsible stock with adjustable cheek piece. I'd like to sell both and get the Benelli collapsible stock.
  23. I'm new to building or modifying PCs, but I am in the process of beefing up a PC I have for my son to run Virtual Reality (Oculus Quest) and Steam games. I'm replacing the power supply and and installing a graphics card and hopefully all goes well. I've had a spare PC connected to a TV for quite a while now and now I'm spoiled. Building PCs is the way to go for sure, for the price. This website is very helpful and confirms compatibility with all components: https://pcpartpicker.com/
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